Join the IH Network of Language and Teacher Training Schools

International House is a trusted global network of over 130 affiliated language schools in 50 countries, known for their quality teaching, innovation, and reputation. In joining IH, schools remain independently operated, preserving their unique charm and character, but receive continuing support to ensure excellence in teaching and learning.

Benefits for schools joining our network are:

  • Quality IH member schools can use their affiliation to the well-respected IH brand to demonstrate their commitment to quality, which can mean higher student enrolments and less problems recruiting and keeping staff.
  • International Brand Being part of an international network with a unified branding will help you stand out from your competition.
  • A network of Business Professionals Through conferences and events, inspections, e-mail or phone, or forums, directors in IH schools have the opportunity to share ideas and improve their business.
  • Academic Conferences  In order to keep innovating, academic staff can benefit from our academic conferences, professional development opportunities, opportunities to write for the IH Journal, or training courses. Conference highlights for academic staff are the Academic Managers and Trainers (AMT) Conference, the YL Conference.

Founded in 1953 by John Haycraft, IH has 70 years of experience in language teaching and teacher training, helping thousands of people gain new skills and achieve their potential. 

Being an International House school is being passionate about communication, ideas sharing and protecting our planet, and our network of schools champion language learning, cultural diversity, and quality in teacher training. We absolutely believe that joining a globally recognised network such as International House could really benefit your business.

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GoAcademy! - International House Düsseldorf joined IH in 2021…

   GoAcademy! Düsseldorf has been on the path to certification and qualification in an international context for some time. We teach all languages and believe in quality, sustainability, and cooperation as the cornerstone for long-term success in the educational sector.
   Since 1st January 2021, we are proud to be GoAcademy! - IH Düsseldorf, and member of the IHWO family. The community not only offers support in marketing and networking with agencies, but also lots of ideas for environmental protection, improvements in trainer education, in developing teacher materials, and a very good platform for exchange and cooperation. Even in the difficult times of Covid19, this has been a good support and backing.
   Therefore, my thanks go to all the IH schools and the great team of IHWO! Germany needs more International House schools, come and join us!
– Michael and the IH Düsseldorf Team

IH Manchester joined IH in 2013...

   Joining IHWO initially meant a total overhaul of our teaching and academic management. However, this was quickly rewarded by the resulting improvements being positively discernible. We have been an IHWO affiliate school for 8 years now and as time has gone by and our staff have been increasingly involved in IH teacher training and expertise exchanges, our students’ feedback has similarly improved dramatically.
   All of this has translated into the increased turnover and profitability for our English language teaching department as more and more students and agents have been attracted by a well-recognised quality brand. We feel that we have joined a welcoming and friendly family of inspirational professionals.
– Peter Hayes, Director at IH Manchester

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Is International House for you?

Benefits to Your Business

Quality, international brand and networks for sharing.

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Am I Eligible?

The communicative methodology, teachers' qualifications, and class size.

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Costs of inspections, the joining fee and annual fees.

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The process of joining

Application Stages

Four straightforward steps for you to join IH.

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The Pre-Affiliation Inspection

Inspecting your school in operation.

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 When I join, what will I get? 

Quality Inspections

International House’s robust quality management system focuses on helping schools deliver a great learning experience for their clients, and professional experience for their staff.

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Your Own IH Brand

The IH brand confers to your business all the benefits of a global brand that has 70 years history and an excellent reputation within the language teaching and training industry.

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Conferences and Networking

There are a number of face to face and online conferences for a range of staff in your school.

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Support for Your Academic Teams

Training, advisors and free courses are all available for academic staff in all IH schools.

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Support for Your Business Teams

Our Recruitment service and Customer Experience initiatives are designed to help the operations side of your business.

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For Teacher Training or Study Abroad Schools

There are specific benefits for Teacher Training and Study Abroad schools.

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