IHWO Environmental Sustainability Policy

At IHWO we undertake to be ambitious in our contributions to the safeguarding of our planet and in minimising the negative impacts we have on the environment. For this reason, in February 2020, IHWO added environmental sustainability to its corporate strategy map: "Promote sustainability with best practice, resources & awareness raising".

We commit to the following:

  1. We will support IH schools in educating their staff and students in environmental awareness. Through our academic communities, we will highlight resources and best practice, and support international student projects.
  2. We will encourage individual IH schools to increase their own commitment to safeguarding the planet. We will share individual schools’ best practice in order to raise awareness and encourage others into action.
  3. We will review all IHWO suppliers and corporate partners and ask for their published environmental policies.
  4. We commit to reducing corporate travel and will compensate essential travel with carbon offset.
  5. We will use online and remote technologies wherever preferable, alongside face to face, as options when completing quality inspections of IH schools.
  6. When appropriate we will provide alternative online content for face to face IH events, so our members can choose whether to travel.
  7. We will reduce non-essential consumables where practical - in the office, for marketing and at events.

This policy was last updated on 18/3/2021