Looking for a high quality, live online language learning experience delivered by expert teachers? International House schools have been working hard behind the scenes to offer their language and teacher training courses live online. International House has a range of options to suit your needs; you can learn a language online with your local IH school or have a cultural learning experience online with our study abroad schools

Our schools are offering their full range of courses online, including General English and all other languages, exam preparation, business, and much more. Students can study abroad live online from different time zones and learn English, Spanish, Italian, French, German and Arabic. To transport you from your home to the destination of the language, our schools have included cultural elements through cookery lessons, e-visits to local attractions, and social activities such as quiz nights and language exchanges.

Teacher training is also being offered with the 100% online CELTA course. What sets this CELTA apart from other TEFL courses is the Teaching Practice component where trainees teach real students. This important element is still included in the online course as trainees will be able to teach real students online. With our centres across the world in Europe, Asia and the Americas, you can choose to take the course within the time zone most suitable for you.

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Thanks to our global network of IH schools, skills and ideas have been shared through training and webinars so that International House can offer the same great quality teaching but delivered online.

Our community of teacher trainers and academic managers has proven stronger than ever during this difficult time. From advice using technology and online materials, to creating support groups for teachers, IH schools have come together to make sure they can deliver life-changing courses to students.

Through collaboration, innovation and hard work, International House is bringing languages to life, supporting students, and uniting teachers online – until we’re together again.


FAQs about studying online

What is different about our language courses is that lessons are taught live online. This means that students will engage in real time with their teacher and not simply through a recorded lesson. Studying live and online means that your progress will be guided by our expert teachers and with a consistent pace so you will obtain your language objectives quickly. We use the communicative approach which gives emphasis to the communicative aspects of the language. During class, you will be speaking in the target language all the time to maximise exposure.
Most of you will have probably taken a course online at some stage of your life. This type of course, unlike others, is delivered live online with a class of students (if you decide group lessons) or in a one-to-one setting (if you are taking one-to-one lessons). You will meet online at a set time through platforms such as Zoom or Google Hangouts and you will be able to interact with your teacher and classmates in real time and receive feedback.
All IH teachers are experts in their field and are professionally qualified to teach the language you are studying. If you are learning English, for example, all teachers will have the CELTA (or equivalent) from the University of Cambridge, and some of them will also be teacher trainers or have further professional qualifications, such as the DELTA Diploma.
All materials will be provided for you. You will only need a computer and internet connection.
Yes, our schools offer both group lessons and one-to-one lessons. Group lessons will be available at a specific time in order for the whole group to meet together at the same time. There will be a number of options for you to choose in terms of time and frequency of lessons during the week. One-to-one lessons will be planned with you at a time and day which best suits your needs.
It is important that you feel comfortable so you can concentrate well for your lesson. Find a comfortable area in your house with good chair and light, make sure your laptop/phone/tablet is fully charged, and have a notebook handy in case you need to take any notes. Don't worry if you don't understand something. As you would do in a face-to face lesson, you will be able to ask your teacher for further clarification and they will be happy to help.

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