Meet the IHWO Team

Emma Hoyle

Managing Director

Ask me about… IHWO strategy, operations and all things IH.

Belle Dowber-Hawkins

Director of Operations and Member Services

Ask me about… IH inspections, Customer Experience, promoting CELTA on IH Teach English, IHWO’s Environmental Sustainability Scheme, and info for new members.

Giuliana Faldetta

Brand Engagement and Marketing Manager

Ask me about… Marketing, IH branding, social media, sponsorship, Study Abroad.

Katja Preston

Assessment and Training Coordinator

Ask me about… IHWO Assessment Unit, IH OTTI enrolment, and running IHWO Teacher Training courses.

Marta Robles Villarino (Maternity Leave)

Senior Membership Services and Marketing Executive

Ask me about… Events, recruitment, member services and IH Teach English.

Imogen Key

Digital Marketing Executive

Ask me about… digital content, video recordings, IH website logins, mailing lists and social media.

Karolina Meena

Financial Controller

Ask me about… Payments, affiliation fees and IHWO accounts.

Monet Blanchard

Membership Services Executive

Ask me about... Member services, IH World News and IH Teach English

Shaun Wilden

IH OTTI Manager & IH World Innovation Advisor

Ask me about… Teacher Training, IH OTTI courses, Innovation projects and strategy in the IH network and AMT conference.

IHWO Coordinators

Estelle Hélouin

IH Languages Coordinator & French Advisor

Ask me about… Support for French Teachers and advisors for other languages, and Google site.

Lucie Cotterill

IH Director of Studies Coordinator

Ask me about… Academic management.

Xana de Nagy

IH Young Learner Coordinator

Ask me about… Young learners and teenagers, the YL conference and the IH online course for YL and teens.

Hannah Youell

Diversity & Inclusion Coordinator

Ask me about… Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging projects at IHWO and implementing processes at IH schools. 

Language Advisors

Arabic Advisor

Wessam Sayed

German Advisor

Anette Igel

Italian Advisor

Chiara Passantino

Ukranian & Russian Language Advisor

Victoria Agronskiy

Spanish Advisor

David Martínez Barraza