Benefits to Your Business


Quality for students means they will learn and progress well, and that they will be looked after in a welcoming and stimulating environment.  IH member schools can use their affiliation to the well respected IH brand to demonstrate their commitment to quality, which can mean higher student enrolments and less problems recruiting and keeping staff. 

International House quality standards are based around the IH Client and IH Staff Promises, succinct and customer focused documents that explain how IH schools help students achieve their learning goals.

As well as inspections and detailed reports with lots of suggestions to improve quality and operations, we help IH schools demonstrate they are delivering a high quality service by publishing inspection  "Highlight Reports" . For more details about how we ensure IH schools keep improving their quality, see here. 

International brand

Being part of an international network with a unified branding will help you stand out from your competition.  International House currently has 160 schools in 52 countries.

Every International House school benefits from the prestige of belonging to a strong global organisation, which can be a real asset to differentiate them from local rival schools. 

A network of business professionals

Through conferences and events, inspections, e-mail or phone, or forums, directors of IH schools have the opportunity to share ideas and improve their business. If you have ever felt isolated or alone as a school owner, this is a huge benefit.  

Joining IH for us was life changing – there was a before IH and an after IH. The absolute best part is belonging to the IH family, after being alone in the business for 10 years it was lovely to have some siblings to learn from and share with. The conferences are wonderful! Valerie Watson, Director IH Lima

Read about the 2018 IH Directors Conference in Sofia.  

Academic conferences and professional development opportunities 

IH helped to create the modern standards for teacher training in language education by launching the IH Certificate in Teaching of English to Adults  in 1962. This ground breaking course incorporated teaching practice and became a standard for language teachers. It has now become the widely recognised CELTA.

IH continues to innovate in developing teachers of all languages, whether this is through our academic conferences, professional development opportunities, or training courses. Conference highlights for academic staff are the Academic Managers and Trainers Conference, the YL Conference, and our online workshops (this year's theme was Wellbeing). 

IH schools also have access to a series of online training materials related to the customer journey, safer recruitment and safeguarding.