Application Stages

Step 1: Outline application 

We ask you to submit an outline application (we'll send you the form). This is only about 2-3 pages long and asks for brief information about the size and current operation of your school, and the academic profile of staff. 

The outline application will be carefully considered by IHWO and the IHWO Board, and if they are happy that your school has the right profile for membership, all IH school directors will be notified. This is to benefit from any existing knowledge within the network, and so we can avoid any conflict if an existing IH school is just about to open in the same location.

Step 2: Detailed application 

If there are no obstacles, we invite you to submit a more detailed application about the operation of the school, the quality systems you are operating, and your financial position. This tends to be about 8-12 pages, with supporting documentation. 

This detailed application is reviewed just by the IHWO Board.  

Step 3: Quality inspection

If approved to proceed, we arrange a quality inspection with you to see how things operate in reality. We'll agree the dates with you - we don't impose anything at this stage. 

The inspector’s report will be considered by the Board who will make a final decision on affiliation. We may agree to affiliation straight away, or after some requirements have been completed. 

Step 4: Approval & operation as International House

We want to welcome you into the IH network with open arms! You'll be given your brand mark and help with use of the IH Brand. You'll be invited to all events, given all key contact details, and sent a regular series of briefings which describe how to engage in all aspects of the network.

You'll also need to sign a legal contract - (the Affiliation Agreement) and pay the joining fee and the first year’s affiliation fee.