The Pre-Affiliation Inspection

The purpose of the quality inspection is to decide whether your school will be able to meet - or already meets - the requirements of the International House quality scheme. 

The visit should be informative for you and us. The inspector will gather information about the learning environment, how your customers experience your school, and the working environment which your teachers benefit from. You  will gain a better understanding of how International House operates, our culture, and how you can benefit from the network. 

What is involved? 

Inspection visits will involve:

  • Meetings with the school Director
  • Meetings with the DOS
  • Meeting with the administrative staff
  • Focus group meeting with your teachers
  • Focus group meeting with your students
  • Lesson Observations - just 20 minute drop-in observations of as many members of staff as possible

Inspections usually last 2 or 3 days, but if you have a large school with more than 20 teachers it may last longer, We will agree a date which suits you, and help you through every stage of the preparation. We want this to be beneficial for you and us. 

This is what Edite, Academic Manager at IH Porto, has said about their inspection:

"The inspection was very useful as it allowed us to reflect on areas in need of improvement and the actions which need to be taken to raise the quality of the teaching, customer service and feedback procedures. Many interesting suggestions were shared during the meetings and feedback sessions, providing us with practical ideas for future endeavours. The inspector’s highly professional approach made an engaging and informative visit, which broadened the management team's perspective regarding opportunities for growth and development. Her insightful observations were much appreciated by all at IH Porto.

What you will get

International House inspectors are school owners or managers, so have a great deal of experience in running and managing an IH school, We encourage a professional, but good friendly atmosphere during inspections. Please enjoy  meals out with them, and take every opportunity to pick their brains!

As well as this there will be an informal feedback meeting at the end of the inspection, and a detailed written report.