Your Own IH Brand

Schools are given the name “IH Location” (e.g. IH Milan), and their own IH brandmark. The IH brand confers to your business all the benefits of a global brand that has 70 years history and an excellent reputation within the language teaching and training industry. 

We recognise that school owners have invested in developing their own (existing) name and brand locally, and that this will have important significance to them and their customers. So dual branding (using both side by side) is a normal start point for new schools as the IH brand is introduced.

We have seen the very beneficial effect that IH branding can have on an school's profile and we believe that ultimately using one, strong brand is the most effective approach when marketing a school. So we are always delighted when a new member makes a decisive change to using IH as their sole brand. However, we also know that for some schools, maintaining dual branding with their pre-existing name and the IH brand is the right approach for them, and we are happy to provide that flexibility. 

Our only condition for dual branding is that both brands are completely balanced and the IH brand is clearly recognisable. This is essential to ensure that you have the best chance of IH brand recognition and the benefits that bring. You don’t want to pay for something you don’t get the full benefit of.

There are two core parts to IH branding: the brand mark and brand elements.

  • The brand mark is the IH logo with the name 'International House' and the name of your city.
  • The brand elements are the IH colour palette, IH rainbow, and the rufus font.  

The IH rainbow colours can be used in innovative ways to enliven your publicity and materials. You will be given support and guidance as you complete the joining process. 


So you can make the most of the IH brand in your location, you will usually be given territorial exclusivity for your town or city – we will not affiliate another IH school there to compete with you.