Costs of Joining the IH Network


Starting your application is free!

If your written application is approved, an IH Inspector will visit your school for 2-3 days (in most cases), speak to managers, teachers and clients, and observe classes. The aim of the inspection is to understand your business and evaluate how what you do aligns to our quality standards. The fee for the inspection and the resulting report is £500

The cost of inspector's travel, visa, and accommodation & living expenses must also be covered by the school. The school must cover the cost of the inspection regardless of approval for affiliation being successful.

The output of the inspection is a very useful quality report for the school, with commentary on the schools processes as well as lots of suggestions for improvement where possible. This is a valuable document in its own right, and invariably helpful to the school. 

Joining fee

When a school first joins International House we dedicate time to supporting them, provide annual quality inspections, and share all our resources and the valuable IH Brand with them. For these reasons, there is a one off joining fee, this is payable at the start of the affiliation. The fee varies between £2000 and £4500.

Annual affiliation fee

There is annual fee for being part of the IH network, benefiting from all the services on offer, the ongoing licence of the brand and taking part in conferences and events. This is dependent on school turnover. For example, a school with an annual turnover between 350,000 and 1,000,000 euros, this is £4,082 in 2024.

Other costs

There are some other costs associated with being part of the IH network such as attending conferences, training teachers etc. In addition to this, some services carry an additional cost. 

  • Quality Inspection: Every IH school has a regular quality inspection (how frequently depends on the length of affiliation). There is no fee for this, but the cost of inspector’s travel, accommodation & living expenses must be covered by the school.
  • Study Abroad Marketing: For Study Abroad schools who would like to benefit from joint marketing initiatives there is an annual fee of £125 and additional costs as agreed on a case by case basis for joint advertising, roadshows etc. 
  • Recruitment Service: If you would like to benefit from the IHWO teacher recruitment service, there is monthly fee of £25 to advertise as many jobs as you like.