Quality Inspections

After joining the network, you will benefit from International House’s robust quality management system, which focuses on helping schools deliver a great learning experience for their clients, and professional experience for their staff.  

  • Inspections are designed to benefit the school, with suggestions and recommendations for future improvements.
  • Inspections focus on whether your clients and staff have a good experience.
  • Inspections include anonymous surveys of clients and staff, and we measure Net Promoter Score® for all schools. Summary analyses of quantitative data is given to schools.
  • Inspections happen for the first two years after joining, then every other year, then every three years after 10 years of affiliation.

The inspection is free, although travel and accommodation costs are covered by the school.

Inspectors are owners or managers of other IH schools, or professionals selected for a particular expertise. Schools have some opportunity to choose the profile of the inspector they would prefer, and select a suitable date. 

“The inspection went just as smoothly as planned and was perfect. The inspector was very professional. The focus on the Client Promise and Staff Promise has totally simplified the inspection structure. It's easy to understand what to focus on to improve quality. The report we received was very comprehensive and useful.

In terms of help to management,  we benefited from the inspector's expertise in HR & teacher training. She also delivered a training seminar for staff, and they were all very pleased with that. Yigit, Director IH Izmir

“The inspection was useful and objective. Both the staff and clients could see the benefits of being a part of global IHWO family committed to quality language education and standards.

The inspector was very attentive and helpful. He is a very experienced and supportive manager. The final report is very accurate and useful. We like the inspection format! Thank you for doing a great job!” Tanya, Director IH Kiev