Conferences and Networking

Directors’ Conference

This is for business owners, and is 3 days face to face. It's usually held in May, in a different country each year, hosted by a local school.

The conference gives an opportunity for directors of IH schools to meet, exchange views, debate developments in the industry and discuss future plans. See details of our most recent conference in Sofia.

It also includes the IH AGM, where important strategic decisions regarding the network are discussed and agreed.

Academic Managers and Trainers Conference

This is for Academic Managers and Trainers, and is a 3 day face to face conference. It usually takes place in January in London, See the news report and video of our latest conference.

The best experience I had after joining IHWO was being at the AMT conference in London. It was incredibly inspiring to listen to so many wonderful and extremely well informed teachers, DOSes and Teacher Trainers. I returned to my school with loads of new ideas to make the experience of being a student or a member of the staff of our school even more unique. Katarina Witt, IH Koln

Innovation Conference

This is an online conference run once a year (usually in November) over a week, where IH schools share innovations they have introduced in the client experience, in products, or in marketing. It is designed for operations staff – although academic staff are welcome as well! 

Live Online Workshops

From time to time throughout the year we host online workshops, run by industry experts. Most recently we held a "Well-being Season", with four sessions around subjects of teacher well-being. 

Young Learners Conferenece

This conference allows Young Learner coordinators to share ideas and keep up to date with educational and commercial aspects of running YL programmes. This is a face to face 2 day conference, usually held in March, at different locations around the network. For staff wanting to develop their professionalism and expertise, this is also a good opportunity to present a session.  Here is the report of the latest  conference.

Teachers Online Conference 

This online conference, with parallel sessions in both English and Modern languages, happens annually and is a great opportunity for teachers in IH schools to present and share expertise.

Study Abroad Conference

IH Study Abroad schools welcome partner agents and industry experts to this innovative face to face conference. The inaugral conference took place in Sofia. 

Being a World Organisation, we were pleased to spend the IH Study Abroad Conference with industry leaders – schools, agents and marketing specialists - from around the globe to focus on trends and changes that are affecting all parts of the international education industry Tim Eckenfels, Director IH Sydney, IH Bondi and IH Darwin.