Support for Your Academic Teams

Teachers'  professional development

IH has developed a range of teacher training courses to assist teachers deliver the best learning environment for their students.

  • There is a selection of free workshops for teachers, from Controlled Practice and drilling, to YL Learning Styles, to Managing Teens Behaviour.

  • There are free resources for CPD, Seminar Series, and a Language Awareness course in our secure members area.
  • There is a large discount for our certified courses for IH member schools. These are longer courses, with assessment, moderation, and a certificate for successful completion.
  • Teachers can apply for sponsorship to speak at international industry events (there is a central dedicated fund).

Young Learner support

International House has huge expertise in ensuring young learners get the best experience in one of our schools. We started in 1983, when IH Lisbon developed a “Young Learners” training course, and that has continued to 2016 when we launched our "IH Safer Recruitment” and “IH Young Learner’s Welfare” courses. 

We have a dedicated YL Advisor, who is a contact point for all DOSs and YL coordinators, and there are YL newsletters and networking groups. 

Modern languages support 

International House isn’t just about teaching English. In all our schools, over 30 languages are taught.

To support the teachers of these languages, we have a variety of initiatives:

  • Languages coordinator, and advisors for French, German, Spanish, Russian, Italian and Arabic teachers
  • A moodle site for resources
  • Online professional development workshops
  • Closed facebook pages
  • Online training sessions
  • Newsletter