For Teacher Training or Study Abroad Schools

Teacher Training Schools

International House helped to create the modern standards for teacher training in language education, by launching a course which later became the CELTA. We continue to innovate in preparing and developing teachers of all languages, so there are currently more than 90 teacher training centers.

Joining means you can not only benefit from the wealth of experience this brings, but you can deliver courses developed centrally by IH. For a small fee per course, you will receive all the materials and tutor notes, and successful candidates will receive an IHWO certificate.  You can deliver these to your clients to generate an income. These courses range across:

  • Initial courses: IH Certificate in Teaching Languages (IHC), IH Certificate in Teaching German (IHC German), IH Certificate in Teaching Spanish (IHC Spanish)
  • Specialised training: IH Certificate in Teaching Young Learners and teenagers (IHCYLT), Certificate in Teaching Business English (IH BET), Certificate in 1-to-1 teaching (IH 121),
  • Advanced courses : IH Certificate in Advanced Methodology (IH CAM).

Study Abroad Schools

If you are a study abroad school, we will help to market your courses through:

  • Joint study abroad events (for example a representative attending some ALPHE & ICEF events on behalf of all schools, or an annual dedicated IH Roadshow or Study Abroad Conference)*
  • Joint adverts in industry publications*
  • Inclusion in our study abroad directory

There is a Study Abroad committee to specifically look after the interests of SA schools which has elected representatives from IH member schools, and takes all decisions regarding joint marketing initiatives. 

Because there are lots of community schools which have students who may want to take intensive courses to study English, Spanish, German or any of our other SA languages, there is a ready made internal market .

*For these activities, additional cost is split between the schools choosing to take part.