OTTI Tutors

Shaun Wilden

Shaun Wilden is the IH World online course manager and tutor on the IH COLT Course. He’s been involved in English language teaching for over thirty years but these days is more of an education technologist, holding an MA in technology and education. As well as working for IH world he teaches digital literacy and online course design at the University of Oxford. His last book, mobile learning, was published by Oxford University Press. His current areas of interest and research are learner expectations in peer-to-peer social presence within asynchronous courses, and feedback literacy in online courses. He is a trustee of IATEFL. As a hobby, he makes the TEFL commute podcast for teachers. Other than that he is something of a boardgame geek.

Adam Bejsovec

Adam has been working as a teacher, teacher trainer and academic manager since 1998 in different countries and different settings. He’s currently based in Chiang Mai, Thailand, where he works as a teacher training coordinator for IH, tutoring CELTA, Delta and YL courses. He also spends quite a lot of time working online, tutoring courses for the Distance Delta, ITI and IH OTTI. He strongly believes in CPD, individual approach and localisation of teaching and training. His work has always been his hobby so the boundaries between his work and free time are fairly blurred. Apart from the ELT, he loves cooking, bowling, Turkish & Scandinavian literature and an occasional movie, run and swim.

Andriy Ruzhynskiy

Andriy has been teaching English and Russian to students from all over the world since 1984. His teacher training career started in 2002, when he became an SIT TESOL trainer, and then in 2007 he got licensed to run CELTA and IHCTL courses as well. He has run teacher training courses in about 15 countries, from Canada to New Zealand. Andriy is convinced that this is a real blessing to have this job as it gives him fantastic chances to meet super professional people all over the world. He regularly takes part in conferences and workshops on teaching techniques and approaches in his country and abroad. He is also a singer with a Ukrainian folk group.

Bernardo Morales

Bernardo is an educational consultant and teacher trainer based in Madrid, Spain. He has been teaching for more than 15 years and has worked at IH schools in Poland, Costa Rica, Hungary, Spain and China. He is the co-author of the “Practise and Pass” exam series by DELTA Publishing and has also written materials for other publishers and Cambridge Assessment. Bernardo is really interested in using technology in class and is a Google for Education certified trainer.

Chloe Pakeman-Schiavone

Chloé did her CELTA in 2006 and has never looked back. She has spent most of her ELT working life teaching in private language schools in the UK and Italy. Following her DELTA, she worked in the EAL department of a UK state school. Her time in the UK was challenging, but formative and changed her perspective and attitude to teaching. Chloé has been DoS at IH Pescara since 2016 and she is also a tutor on the IHWO OTTI Director of Studies course, an examiner, a presenter and, in her free time, she is a mum!

Choreanne Frei

Choreanne has been working in ELT as a teacher, trainer, academic manager, training manager and workshop presenter in different contexts since taking her CELTA in 1998. As someone who strongly believes in CPD, she has gained many additional ELT qualifications since then. Whilst Choreanne feels at home in different teaching contexts, she particularly enjoys in-company teaching with a focus on Business English, ESP, coaching business skills and teaching exam classes. As a trainer, she enjoys observing trainees and helping them access their potential to become confident teachers in different settings. In her free time, Choreanne is hardly ever seen without a book, a Rubik’s cube, her mobile phone, and a cup of tea.

Christopher Walker

Christopher Walker is an English teacher and teacher trainer based at International House Bielsko-Biala in Poland. He has been working in EFL since 2006 and began his career in teacher training in 2019. As well as his involvement with in-house teacher training, he has also been a tutor on the CAM and CLIL courses with IH World. Teacher training has been a passion of Christopher's since his MA in Applied Linguistics and TESOL, where motivation among teachers to develop their skills figured highly in his thesis. Christopher also writes about EFL and has had articles published by Humanising Language Teaching and Modern English Teacher, among others.

Elena Malinovskaya

Elena has been teaching since 2005 working with a whole range of courses, ages and types of classes with YLs and Business English being of particular interest. After joining IH family in 2010 and completing her DELTA she has worked as a YL Coordinator and a DoS as well as a tutor for IHCYLT and a CELTA trainer. She has also been involved in some material writing, organising and delivering teacher training workshops and courses in different countries and teaching audits for schools, language centres and private companies. She regularly takes part in conferences and workshops in her country and abroad.

Emma Cresswell

Emma is a freelance teacher, teacher trainer and CELTA trainer. Currently based in Aberdeen, she has previously worked for IH in Argentina, Portugal and Spain and the UK. As well as tutoring on OTTI, Emma is also an IHCYLT and IHBET trainer and regularly presents at different national and international conferences, both online and face-to-face. Emma has been tutoring on the IH COLT since 2014 and never ceases to be intrigued by the developments in both online teaching and learning. When not online, Emma's interests involve photography, cookery and a good book!

Emma Gowing

Emma is a teacher, teacher trainer and academic manager based in Madrid. She is currently Academic Director and Teacher Development Manager for a large academy in Madrid and has previously worked as a teacher, teacher trainer, and director of studies at IH Buenos Aires and IH Madrid. She is also a CELTA tutor and has taught a number of pre-service and in-service teacher training courses for primary and secondary teachers as well as tutoring on the IH OTTI Diploma for Academic Management. She has presented at a number of conferences including the IH AMT and also written an article for the IH Journal. She currently has a keen interest in teacher well-being and ethical management.

Fari Greenway

Fari Greenway is the Academic Director at IH Academia Británica Córdoba and Huelva, where she coordinates a team of Academic Managers supporting teachers and students. She has spoken at various national and regional teaching conferences and has been published in English teaching journals as well as writing teacher's books and workbooks. She studied English and linguistics at university and went on to complete the DELTA before starting work with IH Córdoba in Spain where she has lived with her husband and son for over 13 years. She is a firm believer in lifelong learning which is why she took part in a number of OTTI courses herself before becoming a tutor.

When she’s not working, she enjoys organising, baking and ceramics.

Francesca Key

Cesca is a teacher/trainer based in Prague. She has been teaching for the past eighteen years and has worked at IH Opole, Poland and IH Akcent Prague. She now works in a bilingual kindergarten/primary school and tutors on the IHOVYL. She also occasionally does freelance training for kindergarten and primary school teachers in the Czech Republic.

Cesca has a degree in Philosophy and completed her CELTA, IHCYL, IHVYL, DELTA and IHCOLT with International House.
She loves children’s literature and likes to hike, cycle and do puzzles in her spare time.

Giovanni Licata

Giovanni has been working as an English language teacher for fifteen years and has had the opportunity to teach all age groups and levels. His first teaching job was in a tiny language school in Rome where he was mainly teaching Business English to local companies. Years later, after CELTA and Delta, He has had the opportunity to teach all levels and age groups. Since he started training pre-service and in-service EFL/ESL teachers he has explored different contexts and worked in Europe, Asia and the US. Over the years, he has developed an interest in sociolinguistics and the use of authentic text in the classroom. His dream is to open an Italian-style wine bar in California and serve top-quality wine and bruschettas. 

Kate Knight

Kate is a DELTA qualified teacher and teacher trainer based in the UK. She has worked in ELT since 2007. Before becoming a freelance trainer, she worked in a language school in Italy for 13 years as an academic manager, trainer and teacher. As well as tutoring on the OTTI she is also a CELTA trainer and tutor for the IHCYLT and IHVYL courses. She also tutors on ELT training courses for both primary and secondary school teachers.

Krupa Raguram

Krupa has been in the English Language Teaching field for over 17 years. She has extensive experience of teaching general English, business communication skills, spoken English, IELTS exam preparation, young learner, train the trainer courses and summer schools. After an initial PRESETT at British Council, she went on to study CELT YL and DELTA. While working as the academic coordinator, she completed the Certificate in Academic Management course. In addition to teaching and leadership roles, she has focused on developing her niche area of expertise which is ‘teacher training and development’. She has presented at international and local ELT conferences, written blogs on ELT and published articles in teacher education magazines. Krupa firmly believes that empowering teachers is one of the most important aspects of enhanced academic quality in classrooms. She would like to make upskilling and capacity building accessible to teachers from second-tier and third-tier towns. She is volunteering with an NGO that runs schools and is helping them build teacher competence.

Lily-Anne Young

Lily-Anne is a DipTesol qualified teacher and teacher trainer who has been teaching since 2002. She has taught in a variety of countries including China, Poland, her own native Scotland and is currently based in Brno in the Czech Republic. In addition to being a trainer on the IHBET1 and IHCAM she has also been a participant on several of the IH OTTI courses. She has taught a whole range of courses, ages and types of classes with BE and EAP being of particular interest. In her free time she plays badminton in an amateur league, socialises with friends, dances and loves reading and studying.

Lisa Philips

Lisa Phillips has been working in the ELT industry for over 20 years in a range of contexts around the globe.  She has experience as a teacher, trainer, presenter, materials writer, Academic Manager, examiner and inspector, and has been tutoring with the IH Online Training Institute since 2012.  In what feels like another life, she studied drama and literature at university before finding her passion in teaching.  She successfully completed the DELTA in 2005 and is a believer in Lifelong Learning and continual goal setting.  "A healthy sense of curiosity and adventure can go a long way."

Louisa Cristo

Louisa has been working as a teacher, trainer, and manager for almost twenty years. She’s worked in the States, the UK, Portugal, and Spain where she is currently based. She has been published in English teaching journals and has spoken at several conferences around the globe. She is currently a DoS, teacher trainer, and tutor on the IHWO OTTI DoS course. When she is not working, Louisa writes poetry, paints, composes music, and travels with her husband!

Lucie Cotterill

Following non-teaching roles in (amongst other things) customer service and sales, Lucie started teaching English in 2002 and, after taking her DELTA in 2005, moved into educational management, as the Director of Studies at IH British School Reggio Calabria, Italy. Her current role there is Director of Innovation, a role which, amongst other things, requires her to keep up with the latest developments in ELT, school leadership, teacher training, recruitment and educational technology. In January 2020, Lucie started working for IHWO as the DoS Community Coordinator, a role which she loves because it allows her to interact with, and learn from, all the talented educational managers in the IH network. Her areas of interest include educational management, particularly feedback and the learning organisation, and technology, and she is regularly invited to speak at conferences on these topics. Since 2021, Lucie has been a member of the IATEFL Inclusive Practices and SEN SIG, acting as a Social Media Coordinator and she is also a member of the AISLi Educational Committee. In her free time, Lucie loves eating nice food in the Southern Italian sun, watching stand-up comedy, and solving brainteasers.

Melissa Owen

Melissa has been a teacher at IH Cordoba in Southern Spain since 2001, teaching VYLs, YLs, teens and adults of all levels. She has been an online teacher for IH for the last 5 years, specialising in the IHVYL and IHCYLT courses. An occasional materials writer for one of the big EFL publishers, Melissa completed her CELTA, DELTA, IHVYL, IHCYLT and IHCOLT with International House.

Paula de Nagy

Paula de Nagy has been involved in teaching since 1982. She initially trained as a secondary school teacher but all her teaching experience has been in the area of ELT. She started off as a teacher, was part-owner in a school where she learnt about being a DoS and then joined IH where she taught, was a DoS and worked as a trainer. While working as a Director of Teacher Training in Lisbon, she spent most of her time working on CELTA, DELTA, YL courses as well as training State School teachers. She is currently a freelance trainer. She has been involved with IHWO OTTI courses since its early days: she has both trained and written materials for the following courses: YL, CAM, DOS and TT courses. When she is not busy with training face-to-face or online courses, she assesses CELTA and DELTA courses.

Samantha Coffey

Sam is an experienced teacher trainer, English language teacher and examiner. She’s been teaching English language since 2000 and has lived and worked in countries such as Estonia, Spain and more recently Ireland where she returned to university as a mature student to complete a Master’s degree at the University of Limerick. Sam now lives in the UK and has been teaching online since March 2020.

Sam enjoys travelling and growing plants and flowers from seed. She also loves Pilates and is an avid reader of historical and crime novels.

Xana de Nagy

Xana is a teacher/teacher trainer in Lisbon. She was brought up in South Africa and has been teaching since 1984. She took DTEFLA in 1987 and has been doing teacher training since 1990. Most of her time is spent working on CELTA (both face-to-face and online) and on training YL teachers. She has also trained on IHCAM, DELTA, IHOCYLT courses and run teacher development sessions for state school teachers. For IHWO OTTI, she has tutored on IHCYLT, IHOCYLT and IHCAM. She has always been interested in teaching children and did her MSc in TEYL. She has also worked in the state sector in Portugal training teachers to teach English to children. This included VYLs (Nursery) and YLs and Teens which prepared her for teaching large classes.

Zorica Kovacevic

Zorica Kovacevic is the Manager and the DoS at the International Teacher Training & Syllabus Centre in Serbia. She holds an MA in ELT methodology and has long experience in teacher training, including working as the MCT& ACT on CELTA courses and different OTTI courses: IHC, Train the Trainer, Observation and Feedback, CAM and DoS courses. She also worked as an IHCYL local tutor. Her fields of interest are learning as a process, learner autonomy, action research to improve learning and teaching, teacher development as well as curriculum and syllabus design. Zorica is the author of many ESP courses, such as English for Journalism, English for NGOs, English for visual artists and many more.

She was also very active in introducing quality standards for Serbian language schools.

In her free time she enjoys long walks by the Danube, doing yoga and meditating. And - she loves cakes :)