New online YL course – coming soon

This will be a new 100% online course in teaching Young Learners launching in autumn 2019.

The demand for EFL teachers for Young Learners is high and most teachers will be required to teach this age group at some point in their career with many choosing to specialise in this area. This course will give you the key skills to help you excel in this area.

Who is it for?

We are offering this to meet the needs of teachers who are working in contexts where it is not possible to have a Local Tutor or observe YL classes. This course will provide an opportunity for these teachers to access the basics in YL teaching and share ideas with other YL teachers online. 

Or you may be new to teaching YL classes and finding that the guidelines you were given in your initial training don’t seem to apply as well to Younger Learners as they do to Adults. This course will give insight into and valuable practical ideas for teaching Young Learners.

Our new course is entirely online so you can access the material and discussions whenever suits you. As there is no assessment of teaching, it is not seen as a qualification, but rather a teacher development course.

Course content

There are 7 modules which will cover classroom management, materials, clarification and correction – the four skills and individual learning.  Each module will also include online video observations of real YL classrooms. 

Modules (note: these are not the names of the modules, just what they’re going to cover):

  1. An introduction to YLs and how they learn
  2. Classroom Management
  3. Materials/Practising language/Correction techniques
  4. Clarification of new language
  5. Speaking & Listening
  6. Reading & Writing
  7. Focus on the Learner
  8. Final Assignment

Structure and assessment

The course is run entirely online by qualified tutors. Tutors are qualified both in the area of very young learner teaching and tutoring in the online environment. Assessment will be based on a portfolio task done in each module and the final assignment. 

Time and commitment

The course lasts 8 weeks with one module per week and a week for the final assignment at the end. 


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