How to Teach IELTS

These extremely practical four-week modules are designed to develop teachers’ knowledge and understanding of How to Teach IELTS across the Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing exams. You learn how to help your students improve their English skills related to all four papers in the exam through a combination of materials, experimentation, and discussions.

You can choose to study all four modules together, or select individual modules. 

Preparing learners for their IELTS exam can be daunting at first. Each module, concentrating on each exam, will help you improve your knowledge of the exam, and the skills that you need to not only feel confident in the classroom, but to ensure that your students get the best possible mark in the exam.

Each module has over 30 activities and techniques for you to experiment with in your own classroom. We have carefully selected video content from a wide range of sources which show examples of candidates taking the exam, filmed teaching tips, interviews with students and teachers, and activities in practice.

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Who are the "How to Teach IELTS" modules for?

  • Are you an experienced teacher who is new to teaching IELTS? YES
  • Do you have B2+ level of English? YES
  • Can you commit 5 hours per week to study online at times that suit you? YES
  • If you’ve replied YES to these questions, then this is the course for you!

What is the structure of the How to Teach IELTS modules?

The How to Teach IELTS modules are Self-Study with support from an online tutor, and are 100% online and 100% asynchronous. This means that there is no requirement for you to be online at specific times, you work through the materials when you want. However, you must complete all tasks within the set week, and work in lock-step with your tutor group. Each week has required discussion forum input, collaborative tasks, as well as compulsory and optional activities.

If you choose to study all four modules (Speaking, Listening, Reading, Writing), you will take one at a time, with a break of a week before the next one,

What is unique about the How to Teach IELTS modules? 

These modules are PRACTICAL and REFLECTIVE giving you the opportunity to experiment with techniques and then share your reflections with a group peers, which is invaluable in developing your own IELTS teaching skills.

They are INFORMATIVE and RESOURCEFUL with tips and study notes from a broad range of experienced IELTS teachers and examiners to give you a solid knowledge base - it is like having the experts right in your ear!

What are the contents of the How to Teach IELTS modules?

Each of the four modules follow the same format:

  • An overview of the specific skill exam paper. Including the structure of the exam, different task types and the band descriptors.
  • Difficulties faced by students and teachers in the particular skill exam. This includes common problems that students have, as well as specific issues faced by teachers for each skill. We provide various solutions for the different problem areas, with tried and tested suggestions for you to experiment with.
  • Activities to help students develop this skill. Guidelines and reviews of activities by experienced teachers from a range of contexts.
  • Different ways for students to prepare for the exam. This section has classroom activities to improve students’ exam-taking skills, focusing on the tasks in each paper.
  • Ways of giving feedback to students. For students to maintain their motivation while studying for the IELTS exam the feedback they receive, and the way that it is delivered, is vitally important. We give you a range of techniques including tutorials, correction codes, peer feedback and using video to name but a few.


What is the time commitment of the How to Teach IELTS modules?

Participants should expect to spend 5 hours per week accessing the materials and working through the tasks. There are opportunities to study further using the links included in the materials.

How much do the How to Teach IELTS modules cost? 

A single module is £95, and a bundle of all four is £350.

(You will need to pay VAT ontop of this if you are based in the UK). 

Is there a Reading list for each How to Teach IELTS module? 

All of the material and resources required to participate are included. There are suggestions for further reading, but these are not necessary to successfully complete. 

Will I get a certificate for the How to Teach IELTS module? 

Yes! All participants who actively attend the course will receive a certificate.

Who are the online tutors on the How to teach IELTS modules? 

All of the OTTI tutors are qualified online teacher trainers. Tutors for these modules have extensive IELTS background and knowledge.

Do I need to be teaching an IELTS class at the time?

No. You don’t need to be teaching an IELTS class at the time of the course. We recommend that you experiment with the activities and ideas both during and after the course.

Dates for Single Modules, each £95*

  • Writing: 9Oct – 6Nov 2021, 15Jan-12 Feb 2022, 2 Apr-30 Apr 2022, 11Jun-9 July 2022
  • Reading: 13Nov – 11Dec 2021, 15Jan - 12Feb 2022, 2Apr-30Apr 2022, 11Jun-9July 2022
  • Speaking: 20Nov – 18Dec 2021, 26Feb-26Mar 2022, 7May-4Jun 2022
  • Listening: 26Feb - 26Mar 2022, 7May-4June 2022

Dates for Four Module Bundles, each £350*

  • 9 Oct 2021 - 26 Mar 2022
  • 20 Nov 2021 - 30 Apr 2022
  • 15 Jan 2022 - 4 Jun 2022
  • 26 Feb 2022 - 9 July 2022

*Please note if you are in the UK you will have to pay VAT ontop of these prices.