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International House Cordoba and Huelva is known locally as “Academia Británica”.

The history of Academia Británica runs parallel with the history of International House, which was founded here in 1953. It was the first language school in the city and continues to thrive as one of the longest-standing language schools in Spain.

International House is the most prestigious global network of language schools in the world, with affiliates in 52 countries and with over 160 schools in some of the world’s best-known cities. As part of IH World, we benefit from and contribute to continual professional development and employment opportunities within the network. We prioritise teacher training and personal growth in the team.

The school’s committed team of professional teachers work together in a thriving educational community to offer English, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, Chinese, Greek and Spanish classes. Academia Británica offers a diverse and comprehensive programme for teachers including constant support, weekly seminars, training and mentoring.

Academia Británica has five schools in Andalusia, in Córdoba and Huelva, and all are equipped with cutting-edge technology in comfortable, well-adapted premises, which are ideally suited to face-to-face and online learning.

The school is an official Cambridge Examining Centre as well as an accredited Cervantes Centre for Spanish. Our levels go from Pre A1 to Post C2, and we offer general English and exam preparation courses from 3 years to adult.

For more information, please see links to interactive ‘virtual tours’ of some of our schools and some videos of the Huelva and Córdoba.

Take a virtual tour of IH Córdoba Sierra

Take a virtual tour of IH Huelva

Take a virtual tour of IH Córdoba Centro

Watch this video to get a feel for Córdoba - a unique city with 4 UNESCO World Heritage sites.

Watch this video to get a feel for Huelva - The province capital near beautiful beaches and a stone’s throw from Portugal


  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Greek
  • Italian
  • Portuguese
  • Spanish

Specialist Courses

  • Online Classes
  • Young Learners Courses
  • Corporate and Business Courses
  • Cambridge, IELTS or other Exam Preparation Courses

At International House Cordoba, we have taken our 65+ years of experience teaching languages. We offer Spanish language courses with our expert teachers for all ages (from 3 years to adult) and levels, FACE TO FACE and ONLINE. Students have access to our digital platform with a range of additional materials and practice tests.

We continue to offer a range of opportunities exclusively for our students, such as conversation classes with different teachers, one-to-one support and advice, and non-class-based activities (like debates, storytelling or crafts).In 1954 the first Spanish language teaching courses started. Having students coming from a variety of countries to learn the Spanish language was such a new and important issue in Cordoba, that in 1970 this achievement was highly recognized by the city town hall. Academia Hispanica is accredited by the Instituto Cervantes.

IH Academia Hispanica Cordoba is located in the city centre close to the historical quarter,

All our teachers are Spanish natives, university graduates and trained professionals who have completed the International House course for teaching Spanish as a foreign language.

Our priority is always taking care of our students and staff. That has never been more true than now. While the impact of coronavirus means that coming into classes is not advisable or not possible, we are still here for you. Our classes are still running online, and we are keeping as much normality as we can. Our teachers and staff are here to support you as far as possible.


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Specialist Courses

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The City

Cordoba is a city with a population of 350,000 in the very centre of Andalusia, the southernmost region of Spain. It is the only city in the world with four UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Cordoba enjoys a warm sunny climate during most of the year and it is well known for its history, its beauty and the friendliness of its people. Echoes of the important historical role Cordoba has played over the centuries abound in the Roman, Visigoth, Moslem, Jewish and Christian remains found all over the city. For seven centuries Christian, Jewish and Moslem cultures flourished side by side and provided.See what we are talking about in the next link:https://youtu.be/Us3hTNxtQ18


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