United Kingdom

United Kingdom

Known for its medieval castles and grand stately homes; rolling green hills and wild coastlines; the land of Shakespeare, the Beatles, James Bond and the Queen; a place where cups of tea and sandwiches are a must – the United Kingdom is a small but iconic country. Made up of four nations – England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland – it is a land of diversity. From the mysterious stones of Giant’s Causeway and the peaks of Snowdonia National Park, to the legendary Lochs of the Highlands and the cosmopolitan soul of London, students love discovering the contrasting corners of the UK.

Home to Big Ben and Buckingham Palace, London is a city that wows students time and time again. With its infinite entertainment and international flair, it’s easy to see why it is such a popular choice for Study Abroad students. Newcastle and Manchester are two popular northern English cities. Known for its great nightlife, youthful atmospheres and welcoming hospitality, students can feel right at home here. Further south, the pretty city of Bristol has an artistic flair. With quirky cafés and cute boutiques, this university town boasts a lively studenty atmosphere. With plenty to see and do in these destinations as well as in their surrounding areas, students can leave knowing they've had a true taste of English culture.

The English Riviera is home to IH Torquay. This picturesque English seaside town is famous for its award-winning sandy beaches and exotic palm trees, and it's a great starting place for exploring Devon and Cornwall's wide open spaces and dramatic coastline. You might have heard of a famous local resident, novelist Agatha Christie! 

Also on the south coast, but nearer to London, is IH Portsmouth. The City of Portsmouth is home to the world-famous Historic Dockyard, and also benefits from being a vibrant university town, with miles of beaches and many city parks. With its rich cultural and historical heritage, Portsmouth has something for everyone.

Across to the west is Northern Ireland, currently enjoying lots of interest thanks to its many Game of Thrones filming locations. The capital, Belfast is a great springboard to enjoy the nation’s dramatic scenery, but not only that – the welcoming locals mean students have plenty of opportunity to practise their English.

Crossing back over the Irish Sea and heading north to Scotland, you'll arrive at the magical gothic city of Edinburgh. The capital city's beautiful buildings were famously the inspiration for Harry Potter. Tourists from around the world visit to get a taste of the country's rich culture and IH Edinburgh celebrates every aspect of it with their social programme. 

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