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We offer face to face English language courses. You can enrol to start your course on any Monday. Classes normally run anytime between 9am and 5pm. We also offer Spanish evening courses from 6pm to 8pm - levels A1 to B2.


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Specialist Courses

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  • Cambridge, IELTS or other Exam Preparation Courses

We offer courses such as General English and Business English, and exam preparation for IELTS, Cambridge and LanguageCert as well as one to one private lessons. Regular tutorials are integrated into each course. Our school has a full time busy and fun social programme. Please contact us to learn more.

International House Newcastle English language school is an EL Gazette Centre of Excellence. It is accredited by The British Council and also a full member of EAQUALS. It is located in the heart of the lively student city of Newcastle upon Tyne. We have delivered specialist English language courses since 1978 and International House Newcastle is now one of the foremost language schools in the North of England.Whether it is our language courses, our teaching, our accommodation or our exciting social programme, the school regularly achieves excellent results in inspections and nearly all of our recommendations come from our students! Newcastle is not one of the traditional international study abroad destinations, so you are more likely to interact with local people and less likely to meet hundreds of students of your own nationality. So if you want to improve your English as quickly as possible in a truly British location and have a lot of fun at the same time, then International House Newcastle is an excellent choice.


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Specialist Courses

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  • Cambridge, IELTS or other Exam Preparation Courses
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The City

Newcastle is an amazing city with a wonderful history and now totally adapted to student living.

With 2 large universities and a huge college as well as International House Newcastle, there are so many places to go to be with fellow students, and most of them are English speaking, so you really do get so many opportunities to improve your English while having a crazy fun time. The cost of almost everything In Newcastle is up to 40% cheaper than the cost of living in many other cities in the UK, and everything is within walking distance. No long expensive journeys on buses or trains and we even have our own student apartments in the city centre only 7 minutes' walk from the school. If you study English in Newcastle you can have a great time and get great value for money as well! In addition to this we have some wonderful excursions to Edinburgh, Durham, York, The Lake District and the ancient Castles of Northumbria (including the original Harry Potter castle at Alnwick!)

International House Newcastle was founded in 1978 and its teacher training department opened in 1990. As well as the CELTA, International House Newcastle also offers the DELTA (Diploma in English Language Teaching to Adults) which is delivered at Masters level and is recognised as the gold standard in teacher training and the gateway to positions of responsibility in our profession. Over the last 10 years International House Newcastle has become one of several centres focussing on CLIL methodology(Content and Language Integrated Learning) and this now makes up almost 40% of the school's teacher training services. These courses as well as our Personal Methodology Courses for teachers of English can be taken on any week of the year.

Today International House Newcastle teaching training continues to respond to the needs of both the teacher and the language learning market. Trainers have travelled to dozens of countries from Mongolia to Lithuania not just to offer teacher training courses tailored to meet the local markets but also to train local teacher trainers to meet local demand and encourage regional independence. Our flexibility and willingness to adapt to local cultures and markets is our strength. We look forward eagerly to the next 50 years of International House teacher training.

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