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The friendly and welcoming International House Manchester teachers and staff are passionate about helping you and supporting your language journey.

IH Manchester offers: General English, IELTS Exam Preparation, Global Citizenship. English and Football, OET and Medical English, and Legal English.

There are many different social activities avaible every week, including a full day excursion every weekend. A great opportunity to explore Manchester while making new friends.

The IH Manchester Progress Guarantee. IH Manchester PROMISE that you will make the progress you need, in the time agreed. If you don’t, you will receive FREE lessons until you do.

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The City

International House Manchester is located in the city centre of Manchester, a unique and diverse city, With one of the largest student populations in Europe, Manchester is the perfect destination for international students. There is always a warm welcome waiting in Manchester!

The city is easy to travel around with a great transport system including trains, buses and the Metro tram system. The cost of living in Manchester is much lower than other UK cities. If you love football, then come to Manchester. Manchester United and Manchester City football clubs both play at high level in the English Premier League and in Europe. So if live football is your thing, you will be in the right place. There are lots of live music venues in Manchester from large arenas to small clubs. The choice is wonderful.


IH Manchester is for sure the best school in town! Manchester is a beautiful and vibrant city but also close to important cities like Liverpool or York. IH Manchester has a great staff that is always happy to help. And the teachers there are engaged to motivate students to achieve their goals. I had classes online and at the school building as well. I really recommend IH Manchester also for its location and great facilities.

Mauricio, Brazil

Here at IH I felt very welcome. Condensing a ten month long terrific journey into few words is not an easy task to handle. As a long course English student, I could just say how well deserved a 5 star would be considering the teaching standards that the school has to offer: modern, organised and, learning-wise, absolutely enjoyable. Not to mention the large range of courses and social activities that allow students, either in presence or online, to embrace all the nuances of the language and, most importantly, of the culture itself. But what really makes this school go off the scale is the professional and personal qualities of the people you find, both at the office and in the class. I could name them all and I'll not be able to thank them enough for what they've done for me in this months and for all the others to come. Thank you, guys, for this piece of life together and for every lovely minute of teaching you've given!!

Marco, Italy

I came to IH Manchester for English but I got beyond what I bargained for. First about the teaching technique, the didactic and student centered pedagogy employed was top notch. I felt I was at the center and I am pretty sure that every other colleague of mine must say the same because I observed that no one was left out, it was all inclusive. Secondly, the atmosphere was very much encouraging for learning and I felt at home. In addition, with the diverse community of students I thought I won't make friends but I was pleased to disappoint myself in that regard. I could go on and on but to cap it all, this moment will always be relived in my life. I cherished every bit of it.

Malachy, Nigeria


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