IH Study Abroad schools – Agent Aperitivo

An ‘Agent Aperitivo’ was held in January 2021, hosted by the directors and marketing teams from IH Belfast, IH Bristol, IH Galway, IH Manchester and IH Portsmouth-LSI.

The schools held the event for their valued agent partners who have worked with them over the past nine months, helping to co-create brand new online programmes. The social was such a success that the schools have planned another for agents on Friday 19th February at 16.00 GMT/UK time!

“Their experience, insight and local knowledge helped us create new courses that helped their students to make the most of the new conditions that we are all living under. We felt it was time to give something back,” said Peter Hayes, Director of IH Manchester.

With not being able to meet up at study abroad conferences and workshops, the Agent Aperitivo was held so that everyone could catch-up and have some fun and laugh together – something that we miss the most during these times of Covid lockdowns.

The schools mentioned above, along with IH Palermo - Language Centre, have worked together through this period to provide a varied and regular programme of fun online social events for students. They felt it was time to extend the invites to their agent partners.

“The idea was for everyone to simply enjoy each other's company, have some fun and get to know each other better,” Peter added. “We certainly achieved our goal with over 30 agents attending.

“The session began with an introduction to the IH staff with agents having to match interesting (hilarious) facts with the particular staff member.”

The schools will run a similar event on Friday 19th February at 16.00 GMT/UK time, prior to the next IH Study Abroad Online Workshop. Register here! After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.