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February is a busy time for our schools, in the southern hemisphere, summer programmes are in full swing and in the northern hemisphere, schools are preparing for the summer rush. We have a bumper edition for you this month with news of a new IH Italian Study Abroad destination, a host family profile, an innovative group trip approach with great outcomes and much more.

New Italian Study Abroad Courses: IH Catania

Italian language courses now offered at Giga-International House Catania include general, group and individual classes, exam preparation, homestay lessons with a teacher, and plus options such as home cooking, wine tasting, hiking and diving. See all the courses here.

There is also a UNESCO Grand Tour of Sicily course offered that combines Italian language study with visits to five UNESCO-designated sites.

Accommodation options offered, meanwhile, include homestay, bed and breakfast, shared apartments and mini apartments. Read more here.

IH Malta’s Brand New Premises

We have some exciting news - IH Malta has a brand-new location in St Julian's! It's an awesome spot for their language school, offering a fresh and dynamic space for learning.

They’ve got 14 state-of-the-art classrooms, all set up for interactive and engaging lessons. Plus, the place is fully air-conditioned, so studying here is comfy no matter the weather.

And guess what? Everything you need is just around the corner! They've got shopping centres, supermarkets, cool cafes, diverse restaurants, and even entertainment options like bowling and cinema close by. Oh, and not forgetting the beaches - rocky and sandy ones - perfect for chilling after class!

Getting around is a breeze with a nearby bus stop, making it super easy to explore Malta. And if you're looking for a place to stay, Belview Residence is just a 7-minute walk away, offering cosy accommodation options.

Join International House Malta in St Julian's for a learning experience that goes beyond the books. It's all about modernity, convenience, and a vibrant atmosphere, making your time here truly enriching!

Welcome to International House Newcastle, where they take ‘having fun’ very seriously!

On top of classes (with qualified and friendly teachers), and great accommodation options, IH Newcastle believes that creating an environment where their students feel free and creative can encourage them to make friends, practise their language skills and experience the city in a more special way. This is what IH Newcastle tries to do with their social programme activities.

From their smiles, you can tell students are having a great time. From visiting beautiful sightseeing locations in the North East and Scotland to creating quiz evenings and exploring the restaurants and venues in their picturesque city, the team always considers the mix of nationalities and ages. They make sure students will have the opportunity to mix together and engage in conversations to improve their language skills.

The teachers, admin staff and Social Programme coordinators all get involved with ideas, which reinforces the school’s values of togetherness.

IH Bristol: Meet One of Their Host Families

What makes IH Bristol's hosts special? They make students feel at home while opening up their world.

Take Jan, for example, who welcomes her students with warmth and waves them off as newfound, lifelong friends. She has an infectious energy, a love for life, and enjoys a good chat! Her students still message her to say they miss their conversations.

Jan appreciates that students have a different way of living: “I like them to feel as much at home as possible. They have come a long way, and the culture shock must be difficult!”

Of course, what they do together depends on the student. She took Graciela to Blaise Castle and afternoon tea: how wonderfully British! Others prefer making conversation in her cosy, quirky home, as Jan works with them to improve their English. Jan feels incredibly lucky to have met so many magnificent characters throughout her years hosting.

IH Bristol's hosts welcome their guests not just as students but as part of the family.

IH Madrid – No Phones Allowed!

IH Madrid recently welcomed a group of 34 French students to the school to study Spanish. There was something unique about this group, can you guess what?

To fully immerse the group in Spanish culture and language and encourage them to be present in the experience, it was decided it would be a “phone-free” trip! That’s right, the group had no smartphones to distract them from their conversation, no social media to take them away from the situations they were experiencing. Quite a unique experience in this day and age of digital connection, but it was a great success! They had great feedback from the group and they were fully immersed in the experience.

Do you know a student who would be interested in a fully immersive Spanish study abroad experience? Contact IH Madrid for more information.

Welcome to IH Cape Town’s Young Learner Programme!

At IH Cape Town, the team recognises the significance of nurturing language skills from an early age. Their dynamic and engaging young learner programme is tailor-made for children aged 7 – 14, allowing them to enhance their English proficiency while having a blast in the classroom.

What Makes the Programme Special?

  • Expert Guidance: The highly qualified and experienced Young Learner Teachers lead the way.
  • Project-Based Learning: The course adopts a project-based approach, using thoughtfully curated books and materials to achieve specific objectives.
  • Innovative Teaching Methods: The dedicated team of teachers employs innovative techniques to make learning enjoyable.
  • Beyond Language Proficiency: They focus not only on language skills but also on building confidence, cultural awareness, and lifelong learning abilities.

Age-Appropriate Placement

  • Juniors (ages 7 – 9): 10 hours of engaging per week.
  • Juniors (ages 10 - 12) also 10 hours per week, tailored to their developmental stage.
  • Young Adults (ages 12 – 14): Choose between 10 or 15 hours per week, depending on their preferences.

Year-Round Availability

  • Children can enrol in the programme at any time of the year, seamlessly aligning with course schedules.

Cape Town: An Ideal Learning Destination

  • Nestled amidst Cape Town’s breathtaking natural beauty, the school provides an inspiring backdrop for language learning.
  • Rich cultural experiences await young learners, making Cape Town an ideal destination for their educational journey.

Extra-Curricular Adventures

  • We are delighted to assist parents in booking exciting extra-curricular activities through our travel partners.

Join the team at IH Cape Town, where language learning meets adventure!

IH Vancouver: Where Quality Education Meets Global Community

At IH Vancouver, they take pride in their commitment to excellence in education and fostering a diverse and inclusive student community. With a strong global presence, the school welcomes students from all corners of the world, creating a vibrant and multicultural learning environment.

Join their community and embark on a journey of learning and discovery that extends far beyond the classroom. The dedicated teachers and staff are here to support students every step of the way, ensuring a rewarding and enriching experience.

Become part of the growing network of alumni who have gone on to achieve remarkable success in their careers and personal lives. At IH Vancouver, students will not only gain valuable skills and knowledge but also forge lifelong friendships and connections that span the globe.

Network With IH Decision-Makers and Managers in Split, May 2024

We are excited to welcome agents from both local and international backgrounds to the IH Study Abroad Event 2024, set to take place in the beautiful city of Split, Croatia, on the 17th and 18th of May 2024.

This event serves as a global platform for both local and international agents to connect with decision-makers from IH schools. It's the perfect environment to foster collaboration and partnerships. As well as plentiful networking opportunities, there will be industry speakers and workshop sessions. Agents who wish to apply to attend need to be working with at least three IH schools.

Register to attend here.

Nominate IH World Organisation for the ST Star Awards 2024

You may have seen that the Study Travel Star Awards voting has opened! Please nominate IH World Organisation for the category of StudyTravel Star Awards School Association 2024. Awards like this make it easier to sell courses to students, good for you and good for us!

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