Welcome to another issue of the IH World News.

It's been a busy few months at IH World. We held the IH Study Abroad Event for agents and IH Study Abroad school representatives to network and strengthen their professional relationships. This was shortly followed by the IH Directors' Conference, hosted by IH Split in Croatia. Both events were a great opportunity for professional development and to share knowledge within the network. 

We welcomed two new Board Members in May, we are delighted to have Palmina La Rosa from IH Catania and Daniel Saron from IH Madrid. On our Study Abroad Committee, we welcomed Mark Raven from IH Sydney, Marta Conesa from IH Riviera Maya, Claudia Adenet from IH Montpellier and David Hazon from IH Bristol

The next event we will be attending is Alphe UK in September. We will be hosting a lunch for agents and IH schools at the event. Stay tuned for more information.

In other news, IH World announced a refresh of the International House brand. We held webinars (members can watch the recording in the member's area) to present the new branding to IH marketing teams and look forward to sharing the complete branding packages with schools. 

Enough from us, let's hear from the IH schools!

IH Braga’s ‘How Can I Help You?’ project supports over 500 visitors

Braga, in Northern Portugal, attracts tourists from all over the world during Holy Week. This Easter, IH Braga was proud to take part once again in their long-running volunteer project, ‘How Can I Help You?’ coordinated by former student, Sílvia Correia. For four days, 55 student volunteers were strategically placed around the town to provide help for tourists from over twenty countries. Using their English language skills to bridge communication barriers, volunteers not only found opportunities for immersive and authentic language practice but also to form real-life connections. Embodying the IH vision of ‘bringing the world together through language’, stories were told, friendships were formed, and fun was had, the project fostering camaraderie and cultural exchange even amidst inclement weather. IH Braga can certainly be proud of the impact the project has made on their community – over 500 visitors benefitted from this valuable programme, while student volunteers honed their language skills and gained a deeper understanding of local life.

Action for inclusivity - IH Budapest’s collaboration with Skilly

IH Budapest knows that embracing diverse learners benefits everyone. In partnership with Skilly, a leading disability employment charity in Hungary, their inclusive new initiative focuses on empowering jobseekers with disabilities by offering English and German language courses.

IH Budapest teachers underwent a comprehensive day-long training session conducted by Skilly, equipping them with the necessary awareness, skills and strategies to cater to diverse learners. This commitment to inclusivity allows IH Budapest to expand its course offerings and welcome a wider range of students from various backgrounds and abilities.

Following the training, IH Budapest has welcomed students referred by Skilly and is now expanding its course offerings to create an even more inclusive environment for students of all abilities and disabilities. This expansion benefits everyone, building bridges between people and creating a richer learning environment where any type of learner can take part.

IH Campobasso: Parent-Teacher Day 2024

IH Campobasso’s recent parent-teacher day provided a fun opportunity for students to take pride in their school and in their own learning progress. Student guides donned their ‘IH Campobasso - Accademia Britannica’ t-shirts and navigated parents through classroom visits. The experience was a fantastic opportunity for students to showcase their English language skills.

This focus on student engagement and community spirit goes beyond a single event. It reflects the core values that define IH Campobasso – a place where students feel empowered, valued, and excited to contribute to their learning journey and the broader school community.

Enriching Activities for IH Melbourne Students

IH Melbourne knows that learning begins outside of the classroom.

Their diverse lunchtime activities (gardening, music clubs, "Aussie" slang exploration and many more) spark curiosity and encourage creative exploration. Students participate in clothing exchanges and recycled paper fashion shows, fostering environmental awareness, while mindfulness clubs promote a balanced school-life experience and encourage students to transform challenges into opportunities. With musical instruments available to use for staff and students alike, it’s not uncommon to find students and tutors hanging out for a ‘jam-sesh’ during their lunch breaks!

IH Melbourne continues its unique approach to learning through experience with out-of-class retreats, engaging guest speakers, and immersive classrooms to enrich learning and broaden perspectives. Melbourne's cultural richness is also embraced, with students interacting with local Indigenous people, learning about and celebrating traditional practices and fostering a sense of global citizenship.

With experiences to grow and learn everywhere you look, IH Melbourne proves that learning a new language extends far beyond the textbook.

IH Montevideo’s Collaboration with Uruguay State Education

IH Montevideo’s new ‘Children’s Department’ provides invaluable opportunities to state-school children in Uruguay. Functioning as a state school, it caters to 70 local children. Students receive lessons in a variety of subjects such as science, history, drama, and literature, all taught in English, effectively creating a bilingual learning environment for these students.

This complementary programme enhances the already strong state education system in Uruguay, and IH Montevideo is proud to take part and provide educational opportunities to its local community. This innovative approach fills a critical gap; offering a high-quality bilingual education option without the cost of a private school.

Students can easily transition between their state school classes in the morning and IH Montevideo classes in the afternoon, receiving a full day of education with half in Spanish and half in English. Benefitting from an immersive experience with a structured schedule including lunch and breaks, these students will grow up with English as a second language, expanding their horizons for the future.

Charitable Endeavours from IH Newcastle

IH Newcastle is dedicated to making English language provision accessible to everyone, especially those who might not otherwise be able to afford it. Through strategic partnerships with both local and nationwide organisations and charities, they help to create opportunities for all.

One of their key partnerships is with RefuAid, an organisation committed to helping refugees access higher education. Together, they sponsor students through their Academic English courses, enabling them to pursue higher education in the UK and achieve the dream careers they were forced to abandon in their own countries.

Working with North East Migration Partnership, they help students on their path to integrating into life in Newcastle, and they’re also partnering with Newcastle Council to provide classes for 16 to 18-year-olds who face difficulties with school placements due to their level of English. This summer will see the launch of a new project with Northumberland County Council, providing training for teachers delivering classes to refugees in Blythe, Northumberland.

IH Newcastle has also established a scholarship in honour of beloved friend and colleague, the late Philip Harmer. Supporting individuals in their English language training and beyond, the scholarship currently sponsors an inspiring Syrian woman who dreams of becoming a practising doctor in the UK.

Sponsoring learners from Ukraine, Sudan, and other regions, IH Newcastle embrace the concept that we are stronger together. The positive effects of their charitable efforts prove that as a global network we truly can achieve the remarkable.

Earth Day with IH Reggio Calabria

On April 20th, IH Reggio Calabria commemorated Earth Day with a special event on the Reggio Calabria seafront. This impactful event brought together students and staff to raise awareness about environmental issues.

Students of all ages participated in a variety of activities. Younger students explored environmental themes through storytelling, rock painting, and crafting robots from recycled materials. They also decorated cardboard boxes for classroom recycling bins, fostering a sense of ownership. Meanwhile, older students worked in teams to complete a scavenger hunt, tackling tasks related to the environment while exercising collaborative initiative and putting their English language skills to the test in a real-world setting.

IH Reggio Calabria is proud to have facilitated this event, which enabled students to become environmentally conscious while learning about the environment in a memorable and engaging way.

New Gastronomy and Language Course from IH Rouen

IH Rouen is launching a three-week ‘French and Gastronomy’ course alongside Fauchon Culinary School and Campus France. This innovative programme celebrates French culinary heritage through a unique blend of language learning and cultural immersion.

Renowned for both tradition and innovation, Fauchon Culinary School provides unparalleled knowledge in French cuisine, while Campus France lends invaluable support in promoting international educational opportunities. In collaboration with these excellent partners, IH Rouen has curated a programme that goes beyond culinary or language skills, fostering cultural exchange and appreciation.

At the core of the programme is their commitment to excellence in education, with a curriculum meticulously crafted to reflect the depth and diversity of French gastronomy, language, and culture. Students engage in a blend of theoretical knowledge, practical skills development, and immersive experiences, drawing upon the expertise of master chefs and renowned industry professionals.

This global programme has already attracted students from Canada, Ireland, Brazil, Japan, China, Australia, Finland, and more. With two fully booked sessions (June 17th-July 5th & July 8th-July 26th), this exciting initiative promises to be a resounding success.

Language for the future: Virtual Learning Programmes at IH Split

Constantly exploring new ways to evolve teaching methods and increase student engagement, IH Split pushes the boundaries of language learning once again with VR4LL 2.0. The next generation of their acclaimed VR4LL program, this innovative platform offers students an immersive and authentic environment to practice their foreign language skills.

VR4LL 2.0 utilises cutting-edge technology to create unique learning experiences. Virtual Escape Rooms (VERs) gamify language learning, immersing students in thrilling scenarios that demand communication and teamwork to solve puzzles and acquire new vocabulary. Meanwhile, Virtual Learning Environments (VLEs) allow students to practice specialised language while immersed in the relevant environment, such as learning scientific terms in an accurately simulated laboratory! This targeted approach fosters deeper comprehension and retention in students.

VR4LL 2.0 transforms language learning into an adventure, making it a truly innovative, effective, and enjoyable experience for students of IH Split.

IH Toruń: Teacher Training Day

IH Toruń's 2024 Teacher Training Day Conference drew in over 100 educators from across Europe and beyond.

Featuring engaging and interactive workshops by many ELT professionals (including representatives from IH Brno, IH Bielsko-Biala, IH Bydgoszcz, IH Manchester, IH Toruń and one formerly from IH Wroclaw), as well as attendees from across the network, the day’s focus was on sharing knowledge and exploring concepts of teaching practice.

Two captivating plenary sessions rounded out the afternoon. Anna Hasper’s thought-provoking talk explored emotional competencies in teaching, while Chris Roland posed the question ‘Does Writing Have to be Boring?’ (Spoiler alert: the answer is no!).

The training day culminated in a vibrant after-party, where attendees enjoyed networking under the stars. With perfect weather and a shared passion for excellence in education, it was certainly an enriching experience.

What are IH schools up to on socials?

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IH Valencia Opens ‘La Mala’ 

IH Valencia is thrilled to announce the grand opening of "La Mala," their brand-new school restaurant —a great spot for students to unwind and connect.  

Located just steps away from the school, the restaurant boasts a varied menu with delicious food and special student discounts available all day.  

Weekly events at ‘La Mala’ foster cultural exchange and connection. Each week they host a welcome dinner for new students, and the calendar is packed with culturally enriching culinary experiences; not only wine tastings, but also cheese, vermouth, and even local Valencian craft beers. 

IH Valencia’s commitment to creating a dynamic and engaging learning environment extends beyond the classroom. More than just a restaurant, ‘La Mala’ is a hub for students to relax, enjoy delicious food, and forge friendships with classmates from around the globe.  

In case you missed the announcement, IH Valencia will be the host of the 2026 Directors’ Conference. This will be a particularly momentous year for the school as it coincides with their 20th-anniversary celebration. 

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