Why We Love Teaching - Part 2

This year International House World Organisation celebrates 65 years of language teaching. Since 1953 we've continued to grow and develop as a network of schools, and our incredible teachers have been a fundamental part of this. Their passion towards teaching is both infectious and inspiring, so let's take a look at a few more reasons why they love teaching so much in part two of our mini series.


Francesca Lam-March, Young Learners Teacher, IH Reggio Calabria: I love teaching because it's like being a Blue Peter presenter but without all the bad things that come with being famous!
Rachel Hunter, Senior Teacher, IH Torun: I like teaching because I love to meet new people and share information about our different cultures.
Mike Tomkins, Senior Teacher, IH Torun: I like teaching because I like seeing the students enjoy themselves when they learn something new.
John Shaw, Senior Teacher, IH Moscow: I love teaching, because you can make a positive difference to people's lives by enabling students to reach a goal or a dream, or even by inspiring them to love learning and self-development.
Olga Connolly, Director of Studies, IH Moscow: I love teaching because I exchange energy with my students. Sharing with them makes me a happier and more interesting person and I hope they feel the same. Also, I love it because teaching allows me to realise my creative potential and that's why I consider teaching as a form of art.

Robert Martinez, Director of Studies, IH Catania: I love teaching and teacher training because each student teaches me something new so we learn together! A teacher never stops being a learner and so I love teaching because my students and trainees always teach me something about them, their culture, and myself!
Jancis Edbrooke, Teacher, IH Bristol: For me, teaching is all about relationships. That’s why it’s such a lot of fun. You could teach the same thing a hundred times but it would always be different because of the people in the class. It’s such an honour to get to know students and learn about their cultures and it’s rewarding to help them target weaknesses and see them improve.
Siboney Rabenstein, Senior Teacher, IH Madrid: Course books are great sources for my 'Did you know that....'. I come off as very well-read!
Adalgisa Navarra, English Teacher, IH Madrid: I love teaching because I love challenges. A teacher's challenge is to allow students to achieve their objectives. I love teaching because I feel part of their learning process and when I get positive feedback from my students I feel proud of my job and of all the effort my students put into learning the English language. Basically, I love teaching because it's one of the most rewarding jobs in the world!

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