Why We Love Teaching - Part 1

From meeting so many interesting characters and learning about cultures around the world, to feeling that we are making a difference to people's lives and knowing that we are developing professionally - needless to say, at International House we love all things language teaching related! So what do our teachers have to say about why they love it so much? Let's find out in part one of our mini blog series!


Glenn Standish, Director of Studies, IH TorunI like teaching because I get to teach people of all ages and from all walks of life.
Paul Cordrey, Teacher, IH Torun: I like teaching because it gives me satisfaction, seeing the students progress.
Lucie Cotterill, Educational Projects Director, IH Reggio Calabria: What I love about teaching is that there's always something to learn, no matter how long you've been doing the job. I think all teachers, and possibly even all human beings, have an innate desire and need to learn and teaching is a very satisfying way to do that.

Aaron Knox, Senior Teacher, IH Bangkok: It's a rewarding experience because you can see the tangible benefits when they pass their exams or get accepted into the international universities they applied to.
Anastasia Derevyankina, Assistant Director of Studies, IH Moscow: I love teaching because this is my way of making people and myself better. Teaching is not only about sharing knowledge. It is also about sharing different points of view, experience, impressions, emotions and a part of your heart.
John Shaw, Senior Teacher, IH Moscow: Teaching is a two-way process as your students not only learn about you and your culture, but you also get to learn about many fascinating people, their culture and their way of thinking.
Giovanni Licata, Director & Teacher Trainer, IH Rome Manzoni: Teaching is like directing a theatrical show - you can plan it and rehearse it but once the class starts you can only sit back, watch it happen and enjoy. You may intervene by dimming the lights or turning up the volume of the music to give the show a rhythm-booster; yet, it' s all in the performers' hands just as much as the class is in the learners'. 

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