Why I recommend the IH Certificate in Advanced Methodology

The IH Certificate in Advanced Methodology (CAM) is offered through our IH Online Teacher Training Institute (OTTI). This online course aims to help teachers increase their theoretical knowledge of teaching, improve their practical teaching ability and self-analytical skills. It will also raise a teacher’s awareness of what to expect from a Diploma-level course if they are preparing to do one in the future.

The IH CAM is for qualified and experienced teachers who are looking to expand their theoretical knowledge and skill base. With a new course due to start in October, here are what some past participants thought about the course with its benefits and challenges.

“It will help improve their teaching techniques and prepare them for the Delta course and exam.” Yolande Nguyen Duong
“Any teacher would get a lot out of it.” Deborah Beban
“It is very informative, well-structured, and provides a lot of tutor support.” Aigerim Amankulova
“It makes you analyse your teaching and learn about new approaches.” Soon Joo Hong Park
“It is a must if you want to consolidate the theoretical aspects of teaching English and methodology and put into practice all what you know.” David Colorado
“It truly gives us fascinating insights into the world of teaching.” Mohsen Mahlouji
“It develops a greater understanding of relevant teaching methodology. Although it was over two years ago, I still remember and use the content I learned in the course! In addition, the modules were very well structured, and organised in a way that allowed a logical and progressive development of our understanding. I found the use of sample lessons and example classes particularly useful, and experimented with a number of these in my own lessons.” Tom Doyle
“It makes you reflect upon your teaching.” Mariana Monteiro
“It opens your eyes to learning about teaching and challenges you to analyse why and what you do.” Javier Ramos
“It not only offers information one may not know but refreshes anything one may have forgotten.” Chris Dunkin
“It could serve as a refresher if a TEFL or CELTA course was taken a long time ago, or as a pre-DELTA course for colleagues who are considering that course of study. Being online means that there is an incredible exchange of experience and ideas, from teachers all around the globe. This was a valuable and insightful part of the course for me.” Kate Brocklebank
“It takes you out of your comfort zone and challenges you as a teacher.” Christopher Wilson

The next start date for the IH Certificate in Advanced Methodology is Saturday 13th October 2018 and runs until Saturday 9th March 2019. If interested, please visit this link and apply by Friday 5th October.