Why I recommend the IH Certificate in Online Tutoring course with OTTI

The IH Certificate in Online Tutoring (IH COLT) is offered through our Online Teacher Training Institute. It aims to train tutors in techniques and approaches to online tutoring for both student-orientated and teacher-orientated courses in Virtual Learning Environments (VLE). Focusing on the demands of asynchronous environments, the course examines how this is different from face-to-face (F2F) teaching.

With a new season of courses on the horizon, we’ve spoken to past participants of the IH COLT about their learning experiences during the course. Read on to find out more...

"It's enjoyable, informative and expands teaching possibilities.” Amanda Davies
“It gives a deep insight into experiential learning in an online setting and provides many chances for self-reflection.” Anna Parshenko
"It gives you insight into, and practical experience with, using online platforms for teaching. The course makes you consider ways to integrate technology in your F2F teaching environments, and the final assignment, which requires you to design your own online course, makes you reflect upon topics to teach that would be of value in your own or the global context.” Widad Jassim
“Participation in the IH COLT was a wonderful learning experience. I would highly recommend this course to my colleagues as it provides comprehensive information and hands on practice that enables the participants to apply the knowledge and skills gained through this course in educational settings.” Farhat Rohail
“It not only helps our professional development, but it helps our Centre.” Carmen Torres, Teacher Trainer at British Council Caracas
“It provides the core info about online teaching attributes.” Saadia Shahid
“It provides a good starting point for those wanting to get into online teaching.” Carola Willox
“It will be a natural step from the digital work you already do in your F2F classes.” Tim Kelly
“It's challenging enough but not overwhelming, especially for novice online tutors.” Susan Finlay
“It lets you experience what online tutoring is from both perspectives – CPs and moderators – and you learn by observing the best thanks to great tutors. Also, plenty of collaborative tasks lets you experience rather than learn about the dynamics of online.” Milada Krajewska
“You will know how to be an online tutor by the end.” Owain Llewellyn
“The VLE is generally easy to navigate and the course content is varied and interesting and relevant.” Darren Bell
“Ania and Emma complement the Moodle content really well with their ideas and suggestions and their nudges in the right direction, gently coaxing CPs out of their comfort zones. That's where some of the real learning took place.” Sarah Cross
“It’s very relevant to what we do; it builds confidence; it allows the CP to experience the role of the learner.” Alice Lawrence
“It will give you the knowledge and skills you need to get started in the world of online teaching.” Helen Louise
“It gives sufficient input and practice of online tutoring.” Rubina Razaq Joiya
“It's an excellent way to learn without having to stop working for 5 weeks. I’ve been working online for several years and this course provided me with valuable, personalised feedback on what could be improved. My students and trainees just stopped noticing any difference between studying face-to-face or online. In fact, they even liked the latter more! A big thank you to Ania Rolinska and Emma Cresswell for showing how to design a course in such a way that your students from all over the world feel as if they’d known you for ages!” Anastasiya Shalamay
“It's well-structured, practical and informative.” Svitlana Bulkina

The next start date for the IH Certificate in Online Tutoring is Saturday 20th October 2018 and runs until Saturday 1st December 2018. If interested, please visit this link and apply by Friday 12th October.

Advice on the IH COLT from tutors and participants