New OTTI specialist courses for managers

The International House Online Teacher Training Institute (IH OTTI) is very pleased to announce that from November 2019 we will be delivering a programme of 7 new specialist courses for managers in an academic context. Topics covered include Performance Management, Marketing, Customer Service and Communication

The courses have already built an excellent reputation as part of the IH Diploma in Educational Management that was delivered at IH London, but will now be moving to a new home on the IH OTTI platform. 

Lucy Horsefield, Managing Director of IHWO, said, "We are really proud to be adding these specialist short courses for managers to IHWO’s Online Teacher Training Institute offer.  Over the years, management expert Maureen McGarvey and her team at IH London, developed a diploma in Educational Management that is held in very high esteem across our industry. We are very happy that we can give the core courses from this programme a new home and that academic managers across the world will continue to benefit from their rich content."

The launch of these courses meets an ever increasing demand for online training that can be taken by busy managers working in the language teaching industry. Many managers find themselves in management roles with little formal training and without colleagues and peers they can learn from. On an IH OTTI online course, managers can learn with a community of peers across the world who face similar challenges and understand their context.

The management courses are designed to give participants a deeper theoretical grounding on the chosen topic but also a range of very practical ideas. Each course is a standalone topic and can be taken as such, with participants awarded a certificate on completion. However, those course participants who complete a total of 5 of the 7 courses will receive an IHWO Diploma in Academic Management.

This is the full range of Specialist short courses for Managers in an Academic Context :  

Course structure:

Each of these courses lasts 6 weeks and they are all run twice a year, so they can be taken at a time which is most convenient for the participant. They are all designed as asynchronous online courses so that the material can be accessed whenever it is most suitable. It is not compulsory to join the course at a certain time of the day which means that these courses can be attended throughout the world and the time difference will never be an issue. On average participants will spend between 5-to-7 hours per week on a course and are required to work through a module each week with fellow course participants, and complete all tasks within the relevant week. The courses are supervised actively by an experienced online tutor.

Advantages of studying online

What participants really value on these specialist courses is the online community, the opportunity to share best practice, exchange ideas and discuss experiences they have had with Senior Teachers and Academic Managers from all over the world. Participants feel that the discussion forums and online tutors are almost like having a mentor on tap. A mentor that has experience of a variety of different contexts, different language learners and managing teachers from different countries. This flexible, online training programme is ideal for busy managers working in an academic context who would like to build their own study programme by focusing on specific areas of competence.