IATEFL 2022 - IH Speakers

Every year at the IATEFL Conference, there is a range of interesting talks from teachers, trainers and academic managers from IH schools – and 2022 is no different!

There is a great line-up of IH experts speaking on topics from promoting professional development in CELTA students, to key pedagogic principles in the online classroom, to working with emergent language.

Read on to find out more about the sessions from IH schools at IATEFL 2022!

Tuesday 17th

10:35 -11:20 Emergent language: activities and answers to the key questions

- Danny Norrington-Davies (International House London), Richard Chinn (International House London & King's College London)

When helping teachers work with emergent language, we often find ourselves answering questions on the what, when, who and how of doing so. In this practical workshop the audience will try out activities from our new book, Working with Emergent Language, that have been designed to address these questions and help teachers gain more confidence in this complex skill.

11:50-12:20 ‘Just be funny!’ Helping trainees with rapport and engagement

- Joanna Stansfield (International House London)

What is rapport? How can we help new teachers develop it? What stops them from doing so? Many pre-service trainees struggle to focus on the students as the real-time demands of teaching take up too much headspace. This talk will provide five practical activities which have been tried and tested on initial teacher training courses to help participants build rapport.

17.20-18.05 The 21st century leader: playful, curious, and inclusive

- Lucie Cotterill (IH British School Reggio Calabria)

In education, there is a lot of talk about the "21st-century" skills essential for our learners but are we, as leaders of language teaching organisations, thinking about the specific needs of our 21st-century teams? This workshop will provide team leaders with practical ideas they can use to increase engagement and inclusion in the workplace through playfulness and curiosity.

Wednesday 18th May

12:00-12:45 Work it out for yourselves: tasks to promote trainee agency

- Melissa Lamb (International House London), Marie Willoughby

How do you get trainees to rely less on your expertise and develop more agency and problem-solving in their lesson preparation? This workshop will explore a range of generic tasks and activities which can both nudge trainees to the next stage in their lesson preparation and also provide strategies to help them plan autonomously.

17:25 – 18:10 Are we equipping our students for 21st century challenges?

- Palmina La Rosa (CTD - Giga International House)

The session will focus on 21st century competencies and how they can be integrated in the language classroom. It will show how coaching techniques can help language teachers to enhance secondary school students’ life competencies such as communication, critical thinking, problem solving and teambuilding in daily classes as well as in full curriculum integration.

Friday 20th May

12:45 – 13:15 Culture shock in the CELTA room- just for trainees?

- Giovanni Licata (International House-Accademia Britannica Rome), Jennifer Holden (International House Language Centre Palermo)

In an ever more globalized world, first-level teacher training courses are becoming more culturally diverse. As trainers, we ask our trainees to take into account their students’ cultural backgrounds and learning experiences, but do we? Starting from our personal experiences on CELTA, we offer practical solutions for raising cultural awareness aimed at fostering more positive relationships between trainers and trainees.

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