A Warm Welcome to Five France Langue Schools

 IH World is delighted to announce the affiliation of five France Langue schools to the IH network. We are excited to expand IH’s presence in France and welcome five new prestigious schools into the IH family.

Beccy Wigglesworth, Director of Member Services, says “We are delighted to welcome the France Langue schools to the network. We are confident that the strength and depth of IH expertise will complement  France Langue’s experience in the French language market and both organisations will benefit.”

What an exciting moment for IH World as this well-established institution in the French education sector joins the ranks of our close network! With many prestigious accolades to its name, we are thrilled that their IH membership will join that list. The group has really made a name for itself with more than 40 years of experience in teaching French as a foreign language and 8000 students trained every year.

France Langue said that they realised that their next logical step was the recognition and quality seal that comes with the International House affiliation. However, when they decided to affiliate with IH in 2018/2019, they and we were blissfully unaware of the upheaval the Covid pandemic would cause. But like all innovative businesses, they found the silver lining and the period turned out to be instrumental to their current success. Their tight-knit team learned the importance of reinventing the business and adapting to match the needs of the students. France Langue bounced back with new projects and a new network to develop its international presence.

“We are delighted to finally become part of this association and put the beautiful IH logo in Paris (once again)”, said David Sampere, General Manager at France Langue. “France Langue will be an active member of the association, always looking to the future and working on improving the teaching and the marketing of the schools and the sector itself.”

The Courses

Our attention was attracted by the wide range of French courses offered by France Langue schools. Programs vary according to the purpose (general French, French & lifestyle, professional French and exam preparation) and according to the student’s profile (family, junior or au pair). For those students taking a course as part of their holiday, France Langue provides low-intensity classes with a high variety of cultural and touristic activities. Their Study & Work program on the other hand is a full-time commitment focused on preparing students to enter the French workplace either as an intern or in a full-time position.

We have seen the market’s desire for longer stay courses in recent months and, in a clever move to cater to this sector, France Langue recently launched its University Pathway Program higher education preparation courses. The 6–8-month program offers academic and administrative support along with university guidance for international students wishing to apply to a French university or higher education institution. With the IH name will come access to new markets, the opportunity to diversify their programs further and to teach a wider variety of languages.

The History

The group’s incredible journey all began back in 1976 with two schools in Paris and Nice. Then, after a successful 30 years, they welcomed the Bordeaux Language School (with centres in Bordeaux and Biarritz) and the Institut Parisien, it was an impressive expansion over just 5 years! Four became five in 2019 with the addition of the school in Lyon, the historic city known as the gateway to the Alps.

Five Schools in Five Major Cities

It's a fantastic feat to have five schools in the country’s five major cities. They have a diverse programme centred around giving students an authentic French experience. Each school beautifully celebrates the unique culture of its surrounding city; at IH Biarritz, a world-renowned surfing destination, programmes can consist of both French and surfing classes. The school in Paris is located in a protected historical building in the heart of the Latin Quarter, facing Notre Dame Cathedral. Students at IH Bordeaux are offered vineyard tours as an afternoon activity. At France Langue IH Nice Libération, students are fully immersed in the Mediterranean culture with opportunities to explore the region and stroll along the Promenade des Anglais. In the cultural and historical hub of Lyon, the IH school is just a short walk from the medieval old town and at the centre of the bustling day-to-day activity.

We can’t wait to see what the future holds for the group and the team in general. An additional five schools joining the network is an exciting opportunity for all our members to make new professional connections and exchange ideas with new people.