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IH Biarritz opens its doors to you to surf the French language as well as the waves of the Atlantic Ocean.
Our entire team will be able to accompany you throughout your journey and recommend the wonders of the Basque Country. Athletes, budding cooks, professionals, students, you will be at home here!


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The City

The prestigious seaside resort of Biarritz stands on the Atlantic coast and is a world famous surf spot. Above all, Biarritz is part of the pays Basque (Basque Country) which is an area with a strong cultural identity that has preserved its traditions and offers a fantastic way of life.
You will discover a unique atmosphere, incredibly lush surrounding countryside and beautiful beaches, all just a few minutes from Spain. With its vibrant nightlife, you will have the chance to take part in one of the many popular festivals and village parties held each year in Biarritz and its surroundings. A town and an area with many surprises in store for all ages!

Biarritz also boats its very own culture, the culture of the Basque Country, shared between France and Spain, that has developed into various aspects in our modern times. This includes sport for instance, the region has its very own local sport known as the Basque Pelota, it is played with a very hard ball and either a racket or a basket to catch the ball. Biarritz is also famous for its rugby club, crowned champion of France five times and several times a finalist in the European championship. However, the most famous part of Biarritz’s sports life is of course surfing. The city is known as the French capital of surf where thousands of surfers come every year from different countries to enjoy the unique oceanside and its famous waves. As a result, many surfers come to France Langue Biarritz to learn French while practicing their passion on the Côte Des Basques, Biarritz’s most beautiful beach.


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