Experience a little joie de vivre, and study French in La Belle France! From its world-class cuisine and rustic markets to its grandiose architecture and diverse, contrasting scenery, France is a country that has it all - it's no surprise that it's a top Study Abroad destination.

Today, French is a truly international language, and one of the most widely spoken in the world - its evocative, linguistic melodies drawing in fans across the globe. And where better to work on your language skills than in the iconic capital, Paris or the beautiful Mediterranean and Atlantic coastal cities of Nice, Montpellier and Biarritz?

You can practice your newly learned language skills in the cafes of the picturesque cities of Rouen in Normandy and Nancy in Alsace Lorraine. Immerse yourself in local traditions with visits to world-renowned vineyards in Bordeaux or get a true understanding of French culture by going back in history to as far as the Roman era as you stroll the streets of Lyon or visit the Pont du Gard while studying in Montpellier.

Fall in love with the country that has been inspiring artists and writers for centuries. You’ll learn that it is a territory made up of subcultures, from the Basque culture in Biarritz to the unique blend of German and French culture in Nancy.

Students can take a step back in time and lose themselves in medieval cities, they can indulge in the famously celebrated French gastronomy with a combination of French classes and cookery courses and explore outdoor activities such as surfing, hiking, kitesurfing and cycling in the agreeable climate.

From standard to intensive French for teens, adults and seniors, exam preparation and internships, find out more about studying in France with International House below.

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