"We are delighted to bring you the very first edition of the IH World News. This regular update puts the spotlight on all the wonderful initiatives and stories from around our network. It's an opportunity to share the amazing work in our schools, celebrate their wins and inspire everyone to innovate, grow and excel."

Emma Hoyle, Managing Director of International House World Organisation.

Welcome IH Vientiane & IH Cali!

We're thrilled to welcome these dynamic additions, each bringing unique strengths and enriching our global community in distinct ways.

We are delighted to have a new IH school in Colombia. IH Cali is a community school that is primarily focused on providing exam preparation courses and operating as an IELTS and Cambridge Exam Centre.

IH Vientiane breaks ground as the first IH school in Laos. IH Vientiane offers four mainstream courses: General English, IELTS preparation, Academic English and Business English to three different age groups secondary, university, and adult students.

Together, these schools embody IH's commitment to excellence, innovation, and cultural exchange, amplifying our collective impact in the world of language education.

IH San Sebastián opens not one but TWO new facilities!

Exciting news for students in Spain! IH San Sebastián has just unveiled two brand-new facilities catering to both adults and young learners.

The adults’ Spanish school, located just a short stroll from La Concha beach and the picturesque Buen Pastor cathedral, offers a prime location amidst the vibrant city centre. With shops, restaurants, bars, and a public library within easy reach, students will be immersed in the local culture. Equipped with modern classrooms and buzzing with activity (including English classes hosted by locals in the same building), IH San Sebastián's adult learners will thrive in their dynamic new environment.

Likewise, young learners at IH San Sebastián will feel at home in their new facilities in a tranquil and secure setting in the west part of the city, conveniently located a brief 15-minute walk from the Camp residence and the stunning Ondarreta beach. IH San Sebastián is working to continually improve the student experience at their school. 

Innovative Teaching from IH Team Lingue

These projects spearheaded by IH Team Lingue, aim to create meaningful learning experiences that promote critical thinking and communication skills to equip students with essential life skills for the future.

One project draws inspiration from TED Talks, incorporating real-world topics and opportunities for students to express their perspectives. This approach promotes authentic language use and fluency development in YLs and teens. The project-based learning model encourages students to take ownership of their learning process, thereby cultivating greater independence and self-directed learning habits.

‘Stories around the World’ is designed to immerse students in global storytelling. Tailored for both teens and YLs, this initiative deepens language acquisition and enhances language proficiency whilst cultivating a deeper appreciation for cultural diversity and interconnectedness, preparing students to thrive in our increasingly multicultural world.

Last but certainly not least, ‘Jobs Month’ offers an exciting twist on traditional career exploration. Throughout the month, students use their language skills to engage with professionals from diverse and non-traditional fields such as astronomy, music, and meteorology, expanding their confidence in using language in authentic contexts as well as opening their minds to different career paths.

IH Success Story – from Student to Teacher at IH Coimbra!

IH Coimbra's latest success story shines a spotlight on Alicia Costa, a former student who has now become a cherished member of their teaching team.

In October 2022 Alicia enrolled in one of IH Coimbra’s C2 Proficiency classes. By June 2023, she had passed her exam and had a clear plan: to follow her mother's path, pass her exams, and pursue a CELTA course at IH London. Alicia’s journey took her full circle, and the following academic year she joined IH Coimbra as part of their teaching staff. In IH Coimbra's own words, ‘how could we say no to such a dedicated former student?!’

Alicia says she’s enjoying her new role as a teacher – she has a great relationship with her students and feels like she’s learning a lot, especially when it comes to organisation and creativity.

IH Coimbra is proud to share Alicia’s story, hoping it will motivate many others in their language learning pursuits. The team here at IHWO believe this story underscores the power of the IH network, showcasing the myriad opportunities for development and growth within our global community.

International House Brno's 2024 Language Teacher Conference

In March, IH Brno hosted a conference and training day for language teachers. From Mat Smith’s session on effectively using authentic materials to Ben Herbert's talk on innovative multimedia approaches, each speaker offered unique and insightful contributions.

Chris Walker, Editor of the IH Journal and Director of Studies at IH Bielsko-Biała, opened minds to the infinite possibilities of zero-prep games in his session.

Award-winning author and story-based teacher Sylvie Doláková’s sessions focused on communicative grammar and speaking tasks for teens. The sessions focused on practice as well as the practical: Martina Weissbergerová’s session urged educators to adopt a growth mindset, drawing clear parallels with Kateřina Kallus Brychová's insights into the challenges and opportunities of teacher motivation.

A great example of IH's commitment to continuous professional development and the value of collaboration. Congratulations to the team at IH Brno for their seamless organisation!

IH Catania's New Italian Language Department

As if we needed another excuse to escape to Sicily!

IH Catania proudly debuts a brand-new Italian department for international students, which offers group and individual classes, exam preparation, homestay lessons with a teacher, and other enriching options such as home cooking, wine tasting, hiking, and diving. All this is on offer, alongside the innovative UNESCO Grand Tour of Sicily course, which is a symbiosis of the study of Italian language in combination with visits to no less than five UNESCO-designated sites.

IH Catania’s Alessandro Adorno summarised the many excellent opportunities IH Catania provides to language students: “If students want to have an authentic experience in a dynamic, imaginative, vibrant, dramatic, chaotic city… in other words in a real city... studying Italian in Catania is a great choice.”

Social Media Spotlight

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IH Rouen has an incredible new makeover 🎥✨

Mindfulness and Teaching with Music in Cadiz? 💭🧘‍♀️☀️

📚🌍 Anywhere can be a library if you want it to be…right? 🤔

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IH Cairo: Fulfilling the IH Mission

Commitment to quality and innovation in education is what makes IH schools special, often bringing unique opportunities to their community. One such example is IH Cairo, which offers courses that would otherwise not be available regionally.

Serving as the exclusive provider of DELTA Module Two in the country, they bring advanced teacher training to aspiring educators. Additionally, IH Cairo hosts face-to-face sessions for DELTA Module One and offers DELTA Module Three online.

Their commitment to the IH mission of fostering growth, innovation, and excellence is also evident in their initiatives. Recently, IH Cairo proudly sponsored the Nile TESOL 2024 event at the American University in Cairo, demonstrating their dedication to advancing English language teaching.

Moreover, they are actively engaged in a cultural immersion program in partnership with the University of Chicago, further enriching the educational landscape in Egypt. IH Cairo continues to uphold its reputation as a leader in language education, inspiring learners and educators alike to reach new heights of success.

From SEN to AI in the classroom: IH Portugal Training Day 2024 has it all covered

The IH Portugal Training Day is an annual gathering which serves as a platform for educators to exchange knowledge, reconnect with past acquaintances, and forge new connections.

This January IH Coimbra hosted the schools from Viseu, Braga, Lisbon, Torres Vedras and Porto for a day filled with insightful sessions covering a diverse range of topics such as Cooperation in the Classroom, Grammar, Reading & Writing, Specific Learning Difficulties, and AI.

Notably, the amazing sessions weren’t the only positive outcome of the training day; it has become customary at the IH Portugal Training Day to organise a bake sale, with all proceeds dedicated to a different charity each year. This year, the chosen charity was the Mamie Martin Fund, established in 1993 to support the education of girls in secondary schools in North Malawi – you can find out more here. What a valuable cause, and a valuable event overall!

Make change happen with the IH Foundation! Find out how you can make an impact in your community

The IH World Foundation continues to support language education and community development projects by empowering IH schools to make a meaningful impact in their communities. If your school is fundraising to support charitable endeavours, why not consider donating to the IH World Foundation.

IH Palermo London School's 2021 initiative was to provide online English lessons to young learners receiving prolonged hospital treatment for cancer. In collaboration with local associations, the project aimed to maintain their connection to education and peers. The course emphasised speaking and listening skills, fostering inclusion, motivation, and positivity for these young people’s futures. The students made significant progress, coming away from their studies with Trinity qualifications. The project's outstanding success led to it being used as a pilot case study to apply for Erasmus funding in the hopes of expanding it nationally and internationally.

Any school within the IH network can apply for a grant, and projects focusing on language education, assisting those in need, or advancing community development are all eligible.

Find out more about the IH World Foundation, donate, and apply for funding here.

Teacher Training Courses from Around the IH Network

🌟 Don't miss out on our upcoming courses at IH Milan! 🌟
👩‍🏫 IH CYLT - Intensive Synchronous Online Course
🗓️ 12th June - 28th June 2024
📚 Dive into an intensive program designed for busy professionals looking to enhance their teaching skills. Join us for synchronous online sessions where you can form a strong foundation for your teaching practice, or strengthen and refresh your teaching skills no matter your experience level!

Contact the school for more information and secure your spot today!

🌟 Discover the IH Almaty Experience! 🌟
👩‍🏫 IH CYLT - Extensive Fully Synchronous Online Course
🗓️ 26th March - 24th May 2024
📚 Join their extensive fully synchronous online course and elevate your teaching skills! Delve into interactive sessions to come away with a deeper understanding of the pedagogy behind teaching young learners and teens and a repertoire of classroom management techniques, ideas and materials for practice.

Contact the school now for further details and enrolment.

🌟 Elevate Your Teaching Career with IH Hanoi! 🌟
👩‍🏫 CYLT - Face-to-Face Course
🗓️ 1st April - 29th April 2024
📚 Enhance your teaching skills with their face-to-face CYLT course! Immerse yourself in interactive sessions and practical training led by experienced instructors.

 Contact IH Hanoi today to reserve your spot and take your teaching career to the next level!

🌟 Discover the World of Teaching Spanish at IH Montevideo! 🌟
👩‍🏫 IHC Spanish - Face-to-Face Course
🗓️ 15th April - 22nd November 2024
📚 Immerse yourself in their face-to-face IHC Spanish course and master the art of teaching Spanish. Collaborate with fellow educators and gain practical experience in a supportive environment.

Contact IH Montevideo now to embark on this enriching learning journey.

Exclusive Offer for IH Schools: Trinity Exam Credit Bonus Scheme

Thanks to the participation of many of our member schools following the launch of this scheme last year, International House has collectively reached SILVER status with Trinity College London!

If you also wish to benefit from free exams, please email Monet to get access to the fast-track application form for International House and register as an examination centre (it is free, with no volume commitment, and it includes a lot of free academic support for teachers).