The IH World Foundation aims to support the work of IH schools, or individuals with a connection to the IH network, in projects to:

  • advance language education
  • assist those in need due to youth, age, ill-health, disability, financial hardship, refugee status, etc, or
  • advance community development through the promotion of civic responsibility and good citizenship

Trustees of the Foundation

The Foundation will be overseen by up to 7 trustees (sometimes referred to as “directors”). They will consist of:

  • one person elected by the directors of IH affiliated schools
  • one of the directors of IHWO Ltd
  • the Chief Operating Officer or Executive Director of IHWO Ltd
  • somebody appointed by IHWO Ltd
  • somebody appointed by the IH Trust
  • two people appointed by the above members of the Foundation Board

Beccy Wigglesworth is the IH World Foundation Manager and she will manage operations and communicate with the trustees.

Become a Trustee!!

 We are currently forming the Board, and would like to invite IH school directors to elect a trustee.

We need candidates to stand, and would like to encourage “Friends of IH”, school directors, teachers, administrative staff, and even students. The Board of Trustees need to represent the diversity of International House, both geographically and in backgrounds and ages of the people we work with. 

If you are interested to apply, please mail beccy@ihworldfoundation.com

Apply for a grant now!

 The IH World Foundation will support projects by giving financial grants.

Applications are encouraged right now from IH schools or individuals. We will consider supporting brand new projects, or providing additional funds to existing projects to increase their impact. (The IH World Foundation will not employ staff or manage projects itself.)

The project could be one that has already been started which could benefit from additional funding, or it could be a new project. Supporting a diversity of projects around the world will be important, and we encourage applications from around the network.

If you are wondering whether your project would qualify, please just ask!

The grant application process

All applications must be submitted on a standard form. The application must demonstrate why there is a need and how the recipients(s) or community will benefit. After the project has been completed we will require a report describing the impact and success of the project.

Every application will be assessed to ensure that there is a definite benefit and positive impact. Payments may be a single lump sum, or some at the start and some when the project is completed. There is no lower limit for a grant, but we suggest an upper limit of £3,000 at the moment.

Contact beccy@ihworldfoundation.com for details and a copy of the form.

Use the logo

 As affiliated schools, you are all welcome to use the logo on your own websites and materials, and link this to ihworldfoundation.com. In the interim this will link to page on the ihworld.com site, until the foundation has its own dedicated site.  Please contact Beccy for a copy of the logo and conditions of its use.

Future plans

The trustees will decide on future plans and future fundraising strategy. We will keep IH schools involved and informed. 

This project has huge potential in many different ways. Help us to make it a huge success!