IH Como Team Lingue's Charitable Christmas Project

IH Como Team Lingue find that doing something to benefit others, benefits them too.

In 2021 the staff of IH Como Merate encouraged their students and families to take part in a “Christmas Shoe Box” scheme. To make Christmas presents for someone in need, they filled old shoe boxes with something “warm”(like a scarf or a pair of gloves), something “sweet” (candies, biscuits or chocolate), a beauty product (shampoo, tooth paste, etc.) and  something to play with it (a book, a toy, etc.), And a thoughtful card as well!

Instructions were sent out on Whats app and on a you-tube video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KaLcJhmzW0E!

The boxes were wrapped with paper and ribbons, a label added saying who it was suitable for – a child, a teenager, a grandparent, or a lady or man.

Students at the school contributed 30 boxes, and through the enthusiasm of Laura in the school extending this to her own town a total of 488 boxes were collected!!!! Unbelievable!!

We think the tough year that many people have faced has brought out our generous nature, as we can feel more empathy with people who remain in more difficult situations than us. Doing something simple but meaningful feels good too.

Laura collected all the boxes and delivered to Milan which is the main hub of this project. From here they are distributed to local charity associations in the province of Lecco who then give the boxes to people in need as a Christmas gift. If you want to see a national news report of this, watch this video. https://fb.watch/9LGq6g6l6U/

Laura says “I like to think about this project as like the ripples in the water when we throw a rock in a lake. The more you act the better it is for the community, as just one simple thing can go further and reach more people”.

International House are proud of individual schools supporting good causes in their communities and which are of local importance to them. The International House World Foundation was set up in 2018 to support the charitable activities of IH schools around the world, both by showcasing projects in schools with the intention of inspiring others, and giving financial support for projects which schools are running.