IH Certificate in Advanced Methodology

The IH CAM course focuses on developing your theoretical knowledge and practical teaching ability in the context of teaching General English or a Modern Language to adults. If you are a qualified teacher with at least one year’s full-time teaching under your belt and are looking to become a more informed practitioner, then this course offers a high level of methodological input that will advance your development. In addition, you will develop your self-analytical skills and become a more reflective teacher.

The course also caters to those who are specifically aiming to do a future Diploma level qualification such as the Cambridge Delta. We are proud to say that IH CAM course is moderated by Cambridge Assessment English and therefore successful course participants will receive a certificate that includes the  Cambridge Assessment English logo. 

This course can be taken face to face at IH training centres or online with the IH Online Teacher Training Institute. 

Schools offering this course

IH Torun

Torun, Poland

IH Wroclaw

Wroclaw, Poland