IHWO Assessment Unit to moderate a new Coaching Techniques course

We are delighted to announce that the IHWO Assessment Unit will be moderating and certificating a new course Coaching Techniques course for teachers, delivered by CTD, a division of Giga IH Catania.

International House World’s Assessment Unit was established in 2011 to provide expert moderation and standardisation of the teacher training courses delivered by the IH network of schools.

To date, the IHWO Assessment Unit has only moderated the delivery of courses created and written by International House World. However, from September 2021, we are very pleased that IHWO’s Assessment Unit will moderate and certificate a Coaching Techniques course for Language Teachers delivered by CTD, a division of Giga IH Catania.

This course has been designed by Palmina La Rosa, a qualified coach, who has been developing the course for over a year. The course syllabus, content and assessment has undergone a thorough review by Loraine Kennedy, a qualified coach and trainer with extensive experience, on behalf of IHWO. Following this rigorous process, it was agreed that IHWO Assessment Unit will moderate the course participant’s portfolios and issue IHWO Assessment Unit certificates for those who pass the course.

This is an exciting step for the IHWO Assessment Unit and Giga IH Catania. In future, we hope to extend this moderation and certification opportunity to other courses delivered by specialists in our network.

About the Coaching Techniques course for Language Teachers:

The course Your Students today...Leaders tomorrow – Coaching Techniques for Language Teachers to Enhance Teenagers’ 21st Century Competencies aims to equip language teachers with basic coaching techniques that will help them support their students’ acquisition of life competencies such as teambuilding, problem solving, critical thinking, communication, creative thinking and negotiation.

The course objectives are to provide coaching techniques that can be used in the language classroom with any published or self-made material designed to develop life competencies.

The course will provide a structure for the learning process when dealing with life competencies and also provide trainees the necessary tools to help their students make informed decisions through powerful and effective questioning.

The course consists of the following:

  • 1 live online preparatory module (1 hour 30 minutes)
  • 7 live online core modules (1 hour 30 minutes each one)
  • Approximately 3 hours of self study per week, including completion of pre module tasks, end of module tasks and participation in discussion forums
  • Approximately 4 hours for the end of course task.

This is a total study commitment of 40 hours in 8 weeks. The live modules will take place once a week for a total of 8 weeks on the day and time showed on the registration form.

“With this course, I would like to share my personal and professional knowledge of coaching as a coachee first and as a coach afterwards. As a result, I hope to contribute to the professional development of IHWO schools’ teaching staff and language teachers at large. By equipping language teachers with these coaching techniques, they will be able to contribute to thedevelopment of their students’ life competencies and to provide a better service for their schools”, said Palmina La Rosa, Coach and Director of CTD, Giga IH Catania.

For more information, visit the course site here.