Why We Love Teaching - Part 3

Since our early days in a small room in Cordoba to being a network of 160 language schools located all around the world, a passion for languages and teaching has always been the beating heart of International House. In part three of our mini series, IH teachers tell us just why it is that they love teaching so much!


Giovanni Licata, Director & Teacher Trainer, IH Rome Manzoni: Teaching languages has made me a better person as it has forced me to spend hours a day listening to my students' stories, opinions, struggles and joys. You learn so much from your learners by helping them become more fluent in the language you teach. 
Francesca Berlen, Assistant Director of Studies, IH Reggio Calabria: I love that if you're having a bad day, the students can really take you away from it and change your mood around.
 James Jones, Teacher, IH Torun: I like teaching because it means I get to travel to new, beautiful places like Torun!
 Vera Silvanskaya, Assistant Director of Studies, IH Moscow: I Love teaching because it has a therapeutic effect on me, plus it keeps me learning new things every day.

Tanya Polovinkina, Teacher Trainer, IH MoscowI love teaching because I love learning things. I learn something new every day, I learn from books and colleagues, from conferences and seminars, from lessons I teach and observe, but most importantly, I learn from my students and trainees. I learn practical things, I gain new knowledge about teaching and language theories, about different cultures, and I learn to understand other people and myself better, and to be generous, to share my knowledge. I think it's one of the best jobs to explore the world even without travelling to its every corner. Though travelling does often come into it, and I love that too!
Xana de Nagy, Young Learner Advisor, IH WorldI love teaching because no two days are ever the same. I get to meet and chat to interesting people of all ages and I learn something new with every lesson.
Bernardo Morales, Digital Manager & Teacher, IH Madrid: I love teaching because I find it very rewarding to see my students using the language in ways that are meaningful to them.
Chris Hill, Teacher, IH MadridDiscussing fascinating issues with all kinds of people makes teaching an ideal, practical way for me to make use of my expertise on the language of English.


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