Why is Customer Service so important for organisations? Why should we care?

Knowing what customers want, and how we as language organisations can help meet those needs, is key nowadays. Not least because prioritising on good customer service increases revenue! Actively finding the right processes to meet customer needs and foresee what may be required means that customers are more likely to return and also suggest your company to others. It is also worth considering that employees, our internal customers, are also more inclined to work for companies who treat their customers fairly so it is important for staff retention too.

IHWO offers a very specific module on Managing Customer Service to help experienced and new managers gain fresh insights and learn the theoretical principles of Customer Service. On this course participants learn about the different aspects of customer service in a language teaching organisation and examine customer expectations. Our aim is to empower academic managers to have a positive impact on the customer service in their school.

Here’s what Senior teacher Matthew Hallett had to say about the Managing Customer Service Course he has completed:

‘I’d recommend it for someone embarking on an academic management diploma. I’d also recommend it for anyone who is, or is aiming to be a DoS, AdoS, or working in an EFL company in sales or marketing. I think it would be worthwhile for anyone wanting to take on a role as an academic operations manager. TEFL teachers and managers tend to think almost solely about classroom issues and academic issues (which isn’t unreasonable!) but they tend not to think too much about the people using a service or paying for it’.

Matthew continued: ‘It was good to be able to have a wider appreciation of the customer/consumer viewpoint and to think things through from a non-academic perspective, which one rarely gets the chance to do so consciously as a teacher or DoS’.

If you too would like to gain practical ideas and theoretical grounding in customer service, join the next 6-week Online IH Managing Customer Service course starts on 9th July 2022: https://ihworld.com/teach/ih-online-teacher-training/managing-customer-service/

This online course, will show you the different aspects of customer service, examine customer expectations, and explore how you can improve the customer journey in your organisation or department.

The Managing Customer Service course is offered as part of the IH World Academic Management Diploma. By completing 5 of the 7 academic management modules participants can obtain the IHWO Diploma in Academic Management. Read more about the Diploma in Academic Management https://ihworld.com/teach/ih-online-teacher-training/ihwo-diploma-in-academic-management/