Issue 50

Issue 50

Welcome back to the International House Journal!

We have been away for a short while, though since absence makes the heart grow fonder, we hope that our return will be greeted with joy and enthusiasm. That’s certainly the feeling I’ve had from the teachers who have reached out to me since the announcement of the Journal’s return, and, though I am horribly biased, I can assure you I share those feelings one hundred per cent.

The timing is propitious. Our 50th issue coincides with the 70th anniversary of the creation of International House; it is fitting that the first contribution to the new ‘Around the World’ series comes courtesy of Elisa di Folco, writing herself from IH Cordoba, birthplace of International House.

We have a great variety of other articles too. Advances in AI are clearly a big topic in EFL, and this is reflected by the presence of two articles that consider the impact of ChatGPT. I imagine the discussion will continue into future issues as well. Besides the artificial, there is much evidence of human intelligence in the digital pages of this issue, with articles from far and wide on a range of fascinating topics. My life as the editor has been made easier by the universally high quality of the writing - you, dear reader, will be the next to benefit from this as you enjoy perusing the issue.

But we must look forwards, too. Now that we have returned, we need - we want - more articles. So if you feel inspired by what you read here, remember that you too can see your name in a future issue. If you have an idea for a piece, do be sure to get in touch!

Christopher Walker, April 2023

Recollections from the Editors of the IH Journal

Recollections from the Editors of the IH Journal

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