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Introducing the IH Journal Editor:

My name is Christopher Walker, and I'm the editor of the International House Journal. I've been with International House for the better part of two decades now, having originally completed my CELTA studies with IH Krakow. My work has not taken me very far compared to many of my colleagues - in fact, I've spent almost all of my teaching career in Poland. But I have had the good fortune to meet teachers from all around the world, both at my school and online, and I am really excited to be joining the journal as the editor as I know it will mean meeting many, many more! As an avid reader of the journal, I'm both delighted and honoured to find myself involved in continuing the fine traditions established by the writers and editors that came before me, and I am greatly looking forward to reading the articles that you submit. I encourage all prospective writers to look through previous issues of the journal to get a sense of what we're looking for - but if you're unsure, I'm only an email away.