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We've had a busy few months at the International House network. Schools are in full flow this semester, with exciting updates such as new student accommodation options, new courses and exciting opportunities. We held our 2024 IH Study Abroad Event in Split, Croatia in May, it was wonderful to meet many of you there. If you haven't heard, we have a brand new IH Valued Partner Scheme to recognise agents who are dedicated to working with IH schools. Read all this and more below.

Visit to Google HQ with IH Sydney City

IH Sydney City students visited Google's headquarters and participated in a workshop on Artificial Intelligence, focusing on "Gemini," Google's newest AI breakthrough. During the workshop, participants had an immersive experience in the fascinating realm of technology, demonstrating how this powerful instrument can enhance their English language skills. The students learned about the capabilities and role of "Gemini" as a useful tool for improving English proficiency under the guidance of Google experts. They practised conversation, honed their listening comprehension, and improved their written expression, realising how this cutting-edge technology can seamlessly integrate into their education.

The experience has enlightened IH Sydney students' enthusiasm for AI's potential to advance their language skills and professional development. A visit to Google provided us with insight into the future of language learning and strengthened our commitment to providing our students with unique and transformative experiences. Working together empowers our students to reach their full potential in an increasingly connected and technological world.

Summer Memories for Under 18s at Camp With IH Berlin

With IH Berlin, under 18s can choose from an exciting range of summer camps in vibrant Berlin or historic Munich. Live in a castle, explore the Alps, or soak up the trendy Berlin atmosphere – there's a camp to suit every taste! Learn German, play sports like tennis and football, or try water-based activities such as sailing and windsurfing on Lake Wolzig – the possibilities are endless! These summer camps are the perfect blend of learning and adventure, creating unforgettable memories for young learners and teens. Learn more here

New School Location, Student Accommodation and a New Course at IH Bordeaux

IH Bordeaux has been busy in 2024 with plenty of news to share with agents and students. Firstly, they have a new home! The school has moved to a new location at 103 Quai des Chartrons, 33300 Bordeaux. In addition to a new location to study, they are excited to announce a new partnership with the Student Factory residence and therefore expand their student accommodation portfolio. In the heart of the St-Jean district, the residence enjoys a privileged location right next to the train station, public transport and shops. It offers furnished, ready-to-live-in apartments, from studios to T3 duplexes (shared). With coworking spaces, a relaxation area ideal for unwinding, and a range of services, this student residence offers the ideal living environment to make a success of studies in Bordeaux. Finally, they are thrilled to introduce a new ‘Wine and Culture’ program, an immersive experience where language learning meets culinary and cultural exploration. It’s an opportunity to deepen students’ understanding of French culture and savour the region's renowned wines - all in the heart of beautiful Bordeaux! Learn more abut the programme here.

IH Cairo’s Language Exchange Cafe: sharing culture and connections

IH Cairo’s Language Exchange Cafe was a multicultural activity with students from Egypt, Germany, Spain, the UK, and Japan. The school’s students had discussions on many topics in Egyptian culture, especially during Ramadan and Eid Al-Fitr. The discussions were in English and in Arabic for the students who are learning both languages.

See the Language Exchange Cafe in action with this video.

Brand-New IH Valued Partner Agent Scheme

At International House, we believe in fostering strong partnerships. Our network of schools thrives on the close collaboration we've built with dedicated agents worldwide. For over 60 years, these relationships have been instrumental in our success.

To further strengthen this bond, we're launching the brand-new IH Valued Partner scheme. This program recognises agents who consistently champion the IH experience by working with multiple schools across our network.

As an IH Valued Partner, enjoy:

  • Increased visibility on our website directory.
  • Invitations to workshops such as the annual IH Study Abroad Event and the IH Study Abroad lunch at ST ALPHE UK.
  • Exclusive resources such as IH Valued Partner logos.
  • Potential rewards for high-performing partners (those who bring in the most student weeks).

Become a Valued Partner today! Learn more about how to qualify and apply here.

Agents & IH Schools Came Together in Split at the IH Study Abroad Event 2024

The IH Study Abroad Event in Split, 2024, was a resounding success, fostering collaboration and innovation among IH Study Abroad schools and international education agents. The event featured a diverse range of workshops and networking opportunities. Delegates enjoyed intimate networking opportunities outside the venue too, including exploring the historic Fortress of Kliss and tasting local delicacies at Stella Croatica. Highlights included an inspiring address from IH World’s Managing Director, Emma Hoyle, the launch of the IH Valued Partner Scheme, and engaging presentations on leveraging AI in marketing and connecting with GenZ. The event culminated in a closing dinner with traditional Klapa singers and an awards ceremony. Attendees praised the quality of the speakers, the personalised environment, and the chance to build lasting relationships. The event underscored IH’s commitment to quality and community, making it an unforgettable experience for all involved. See all the photos here.

IH Celebration of Diversity: a Hit Webinar Series

Empower yourself with essential EDIB knowledge and champion equity in international education!

IHWO’s highly successful webinar series explored Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging (EDIB) for international educators. Recordings are available on our YouTube channel, offering valuable resources for agents, teachers, administrators, and industry professionals seeking to build a more inclusive learning environment.

Renowned experts such as Dr. Amina Douidi (DEI Expert and Consultant) provide practical tools and insights into EDIB. Learn to navigate ‘hot moments’ in the classroom with Veronica Higareda (IH San Sebastián) or explore LGBTQ+ representation with Giovanni Licata, Sisi Rabenstein (IH Madrid) tackles myths about autism, and Boelo Van Der Poole delves into dyslexia in language learning.

This impactful series sparked valuable discussions within the International House network and beyond, proving so popular that we will be launching a brand-new series in October 2024!

IH Study Abroad Committee - Welcoming Our New Members!

Announcing the newest members of the International House Study Abroad Committee, elected by IH schools in Split during the Study Abroad Event!

Please join us in congratulating David Hazon (IH Bristol), Claudia Adenet (IH Montpellier), Marta Conesa (IH Riviera Maya), and Mark Raven (IH Sydney Training Services).

These new members bring a wealth of experience and fresh perspectives that will be a tremendous asset to the committee as we work to expand and enrich study-abroad opportunities for IH students across the globe.

If you would like any of the photos used in this edition of the IH Study Abroad Newsletter, please email us with your request.