IH Self-Study Courses for Language Teachers

Explore the essential skills and knowledge of effective English language teaching with our self-study courses. The IH Self-Study Courses for Language Teachers are ideal for newly qualified teachers who want to build a solid skills foundation for their teaching career. The courses are also suitable for teachers with experience who want to refresh their knowledge in a specific area. Our comprehensive modules cover essential teaching skills, classroom management, teaching strategies for different age ranges and lots more. Accessible via smartphone, tablet, or computer, our short courses offer practical insights through videos, quizzes, and interactive content written by International House expert DoSes and Teacher Trainers.

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Key Course Information

Course Topics

The IH Self-Study Courses for Language Teachers cover the following topics:

  • Teen Classroom Management Course

Teenagers can be challenging to teach, especially for teachers who are used to working with younger learners or adults. Classroom management is key to creating the right environment for teen students to learn effectively. With the right strategies, teachers can channel teen learners’ energy in the right direction and guide them into thriving in the classroom. This IH OTTI online course in classroom management for teens will give teachers the tools to help students succeed in online and face-to-face classes.

  • Error & Correction Course

Error and correction is an important part of what we do as teachers but it’s not simple. Error and correction done right can build up learners’ confidence, motivate them in their studies and develop their language skills. As teachers, we need to think about why the students are making mistakes, why and if the error should be corrected and how it should be corrected.

  • Teen Motivation Course

Teaching a class of unmotivated teenagers can feel like swimming against the current and finding ways to pique their interest can feel overwhelming. In this course we'll explore what motivation is and what we can do to help facilitate it in the teen classroom. We’ll explore different types of motivation, the differences between teens (13-17-year-olds) and young learners (3-12-year-olds), reward systems and rapport being key to motivation.

  • Introduction to Phonology Course

Teaching pronunciation is a key element to help your students be understood in the world outside the classroom. It is a challenging area and many textbooks focus solely on drilling. One of the best ways to build a strong foundation for effective pronunciation is to get down to the roots: the phonetic alphabet. The IH Self-Study course "Introduction to Phonology" expands your knowledge on topics such as minimal pairs, word and sentence stress and features of connected speech. Alongside building knowledge, you will learn tips from IH experts on how to teach speaking skills as well as activities to use in class.

  • Special Educational Needs (SEN) course

Supporting students with special educational needs can be challenging, especially for teachers unfamiliar with diverse learning requirements. Understanding SEN is crucial for creating an inclusive environment where all students can thrive. This IH OTTI online course introduces key concepts of SEN, neurodiversity and effective strategies for supporting students with dyslexia, ADHD and autism. It also covers techniques for addressing social, emotional, and mental health (SEMH) needs and enhancing communication and interaction. Equip yourself with practical tools to support every student in your classroom, both online and face-to-face.

Why take these IH Self-Study Courses for Language Teachers?

Guaranteed Quality

Study on the Go!

Diverse & Engaging Content

These courses have been written and designed by teaching experts from across the International House network. Their combined knowledge and experience as both teachers and teacher trainers have shaped the essential skills in these courses for newer teachers. The manageable and easy-to-digest sections of each course take just 15-30 minutes to complete. Use the time on your daily commute or while the kettle is boiling productively by broadening your teaching knowledge. From expert talking heads (IH DoSes) and video questions to true or false statements and reflective tasks, the course activities have been professionally crafted to develop your knowledge, reflect on your current practice and introduce new methodologies effectively.

Who are the self-study courses for?

These short courses are for newly qualified teachers, teachers with little experience or teachers who want to refresh their knowledge in a particular area. They are designed to develop skills in specific areas that help build strong foundations for effective teaching. The flexible nature and minimal time commitment of these courses make them ideal for teachers who are working full-time. Initial teacher training programmes cover a lot of information in a short amount of time. These lighter-style courses allow teachers to build their confidence in an area they have identified that they need to focus on. You can access/return to the material for up to six weeks, this means you can really take your time in absorbing and reflecting on the content. You can learn a teaching strategy, try it out in class and then return to the material to check if you did it correctly.

What is the structure of the self-study courses?

Each course is divided into up to eight sections. Each section focuses on a different area of the essential teaching skill. Within each section, there are a number of activities which develop your knowledge of the specific area. These activities take the form of talking head videos, links to articles, downloadable takeaways, reflective tasks and more.

Time commitment: The average time to complete each course is 2 hours. Each section can be completed in 15 - 30 minutes and each activity takes around 5 minutes.

Course Dates & Fees

  • As these courses offer ongoing enrolment, you can start them whenever you like. Once we have received your payment, you will gain access to the materials for the next six weeks.
  • Each course costs £37.
  • Businesses and individuals located in the UK are required to pay an additional 20% for VAT. This means the fee for a single course is £44.40. If you are not based in the UK, you will not be charged this.

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