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La escuela de idiomas CLIC IH Málaga es la nueva propuesta educativa en la ciudad de Málaga. La escuela está situada en el centro de la ciudad a pocos metros de la calle Larios, tiene 8 aulas totalmente equipadas y un ambiente muy agradable y profesional.


  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Spanish

CLIC International House Málaga is a new branch of CLIC International House. After more than 35 years in Seville and then Cadiz, CLIC has decided to open a new school in the very heart of the Málaga city centre.

Just like in Seville and Cadiz, CLIC IH Málaga will offer Spanish courses as well as English and Spanish Teacher Training Courses. CLIC IH Málaga is a medium-sized school strategically located in the commercial and busiest area of Málaga, right next to the lively Calle Larios. CLIC Málaga branch will offer high quality services including a wide range of cultural and social activities aimed at making student’s experience as memorable as in Seville and Cadiz.


  • Spanish

Specialist Courses

  • Summer Camps
  • 40+ or 50+ Courses
  • Internship Programmes


  • Social Programme
  • Transfers
  • Welfare Support
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  • Homestay
  • Student Residence

The City

Málaga is a city of mediterranean flair and hospitality!

With a population of 550000 people, Málaga has become one of the most trendy destinations in the past years. Besides its sense of hospitality, this Mediterranean city offers an unrivalled climate making it perfect for a break any time of the year. In addition to its beautiful tropical coast Málaga , birthplace of Picasso, has invested time and effort in becoming a city of Museums and culture. No doubt it is also one of the best shopping meccas in Spain.

Training as a teacher with CLIC IH Málaga gives you the opportunity to look for work in any of the 150 IH schools around the world and opens doors to other teaching centres in Spain as a teacher of English or Spanish.

CLIC IH Málaga is a lively modern language school with an international atmosphere, with a centre in the heart of Málaga. International House Málaga Teacher Training is a branch of Seville teacher training centre.

CELTA Centre

IH Malaga is a CELTA Centre


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