Teacher Training Success with IH in Mexico

The International House Mexico group and its Teacher Training and Development Departments are thrilled with their increasing success over the past few months!

The group received great news back in November when they signed a contract with the Ministry of Education in Mexico City (SEP) to run a CAM course, two Delta courses and an ICELT course in 2018. This exciting news runs alongside talks to run a CELT-P with over 200 candidates at IH Guadalajara, and a CELT-S course with over 100 candidates in Sonora. This is a big accomplishment for the Teacher Training Departments of the IH Mexico group. Last year, the group also surpassed their own record by enrolling 57 Delta candidates for Modules, 1, 2 and 3 of the 2017 course.

The IH Mexico Teacher Training and Development Departments feel very proud of this big achievement for both their schools and IH World Organisation as a whole.

Huge congratulations to all the IH family in Mexico for their success - such a great way to start 2018!