Introducing IH Durham Holiday Centre

We are delighted to announce a new affiliate to International House World Organisation, which will be opening in spring and summer 2019 - IH Durham Holiday Centre, an initiative to be run by IH Newcastle which will see them branch out to the beautiful university city of Durham, located on the picturesque river Wear.

IH Newcastle have partnered for the venture with the prestigious Durham School, and will offer a range of English language courses and accommodation options, giving students from all over the world the opportunity to study in one of the UK's oldest seats of learning.  Durham School itself can trace its history back over 600, if not 1,000 years, and has striking views over the World Heritage Site of Durham Cathedral and Castle as well as being within walking distance of the quaint, historical city centre with its many shops, restaurants, cafes and activities.



Patricia Mullen, Executive/Marketing Director said “We are so excited to have signed this partnership with Durham School as the language travel industry is experiencing a vast increase in the younger learners market which frequently request good quality residential accommodation and this is just perfect! We will be incorporating  ‘Harry Potter’ topics into the course and social programme as many parts of the school resemble scenes in the movies, especially the amazing dining hall, and some parts of the movies were actually shot in Durham Cathedral. We are so looking forward to encouraging our clients to study in Durham as well as Newcastle. It’s a great new challenge for us!”  

The courses will take place for 3 weeks at Easter 2019 and 6 weeks in summer 2019.