IH Sydney - Planning Week 2020

International House Sydney held its annual Planning Week 2020 from November 23rd to 27th, gathering together staff members and guest speakers for ideas sharing and future planning.

The Planning Week involves staff across Sales, Marketing, Student Services, IT&BI, Education, Admissions and Vocational Training departments.
As well as coming together to discuss ideas and innovations across the departments, the teams shared the milestones they had achieved in 2020 as well plans for 2021 onwards.

This year, the team were joined by three guest speakers from English Australia: Brett Blacker, Chief Executive Officer, Erica Bravo, Bravo Migration, and Ian Aird, Compliance, who gave updates and information on the industry and its current challenges and opportunities.

Speaking about their plans for students, Fernanda Soto, Director of Marketing, said, “We aim to be back 100% face to face classes as Australia is slowly easing restrictions, and now students can travel interstate.

“Our numbers for Vocation Education are strong in all campuses and students can expect two new gorgeous campuses opening in Byron Bay and on the Gold Coast in January 2021.”

The feedback of the Planning Week event was positive, and the school looks forward doing another one in 2021!