IH Monterrey holds face-to-face TKT exams

Face-to-face Cambridge Assessment English exams have returned in Mexico, and International House Monterrey is proud to announce that it was their school that led the way by doing TKT exams at Universidad Pedagógica Nacional to its English language teachers in Saltillo, Coahuila.

A strict social-distancing protocol was put in place at Authorised Centre MX089 to ensure that everybody’s health and safety were top of the priority list. Upon arrival to campus, the IH Monterrey staff, all wearing masks, face shields and gloves, had their temperature taken.

They were then given directions to get to the exam room unaccompanied to set up all documents, clocks, signs, and all test-related items. The exam candidates were in the waiting room, also observing social-distancing measures, and they only met the IH Monterrey staff when they arrived at the exam room.

Candidates’ temperature was taken by the IH Monterrey team and IDs checked. The staff did this by asking the candidates to stretch out their arms at full length with ID in hand, showing it from a distance in order to maintain social distancing. Having done this, candidates were called inside the exam room and showed to their seats, where the answer sheet and question booklet were already on the tables so as to avoid breaking the social-distancing measure when handing out materials.

The distance between candidates once sitting down was over two metres (six feet). The candidates were asked to strech out their arms towards one another so that there was a gap of about half a metre between one another’s finger tips to make sure that social distancing was observed at all times.

Between modules candidates took turns to go to the toilet two by two. There were also toilets in two different buildings to avoid breaking the social-distancing.

All things considered, IH Monterrey said they thought this first experience was a complete success for all involved. As a Cambridge Centre, the school showed that they could adapt to less-than-ideal circumstances while at the same time keeping their reputation, as well as Cambridge Assessment English's, at the usual high.

IH Monterrey would like to thank the Cambridge Mexico office for its continued support in this process, especially our Account Manager, Oscar Gutiérrez.