IH Mexico Delta Success

The International House Mexico group and its Teacher Training and Development Departments are thrilled with their increasing success over the past few months, and particularly with their Delta results.

IH Mexico has reached a historic record of 74 Delta candidates this year!  This is the highest number of entries in a year so far for the IH Mexico group, the largest Teacher Training centre in Mexico, and the largest Delta centre in the Americas.

This is a big accomplishment for the Teacher Training Departments of the IH Mexico group. The IH Mexico Teacher Training and Development Departments feel very proud of this big achievement for both their schools and IH World Organisation as a whole. The team was delighted to receive a visit from Jeremy Harmer - ELT speaker, author and long-term friend of International House - who joined in to celebrate the success of some of the local candidates!

A huge congratulations to all the IH family in Mexico for their Delta success!