IH Aberdeen 2017 Review and 2018 Plans

IH Aberdeen has taken some time recently to reflect on all of the amazing experiences that they've had in the school over the past year. Throughout 2017 they welcomed 270 new students to their school, from 44 different countries - a fantastic mix of people, cultures, and languages, each and every one with the same shared goal of improving their English Language skills at a top rated language school in Scotland.

IH Aberdeen had many highlights in 2017; it’s been difficult to narrow it down as there were so many, but here are a few…

In 2017 the school launched its CELTA course and it has proven to be an amazing success so far, with 6 student teachers progressing incredibly well with their studies and already planning their exciting new career goals. IH Aberdeen has enjoyed getting to know this group and look forward to hearing about their adventures which will take them to all corners of the globe. Such a success was the CELTA that IH Aberdeen has already started accepting applications for the next CELTA course which will begin in spring 2018.

IH Aberdeen has always enjoyed a jam-packed social calendar, and in 2017 the school introduced many more activities. They visited Edinburgh and Glasgow, explored many of the stunning castles that Scotland is home to, climbed hills, enjoyed tours around whisky distilleries (and of course sampled some of the national tipple at the same time). They also enjoyed the art of conversation - the weekly cafe trips have always been popular with students… who doesn't love coffee, cakes and getting to know fellow students and building friendships that will last a lifetime? 

Another thing to be incredibly proud of is the school's local charitable work. 2017 saw the team of staff and students collect lots of items for the local food bank, as well as raising funds for a local children's charity on Christmas Jumper Day. The generosity of IH Aberdeen was fantastic and we look forward to raising funds and donating more in 2018. It’s so important to give back!

Looking forward to what 2018 will bring and the school already has many new plans in the pipeline; their launch into the Young Learners market will see them beginning a new programme for 10 - 14 years olds at Loch Insh Watersports Centre in the Highlands of Scotland

They have also created a Scottish Culture & English Language for the 40+ age group. This two week programme features an extensive cultural programme which is flexible to the needs of the individual student, while also providing an opportunity for students to explore the beautiful country and experience Scottish culture at its best - all while improving their English Language skills within a relaxed and informal setting.

It looks like 2018 will be a great year in IH Aberdeen, keep up the good work!